JR Hildebrand loses the Indianapolis 500 on the last corner :o :smiley:

hes no tommy byrne

Dan Wheldon was killed in a massive crash in the Las Vegas Indy 300 today.
Its on YouTube, can’t post a link off the phone.…gp/15420069.stm

Marco Simoncelli dies after crash in Sepang

Italian rider Marco Simoncelli has died after a horrific crash at the Malaysian MotoGP in Sepang.
The race was stopped after four minutes when Simoncelli’s bike veered across the track at turn 11 into the path of Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi.
The 24-year-old had his helmet knocked off and was hit by both other riders.
American rider Edwards also fell but escaped serious injury - while fellow Italian Rossi was able to return to the pits.
Simoncelli lay motionless on the track after the impact, while the race was immediately red-flagged.
At first officials were looking to restart the race before the extent of Simoncelli’s injuries became clear.
Honda rider Simoncelli first entered MotoGP for the 2010 season and won his first pole position at the Catalunya race in June this year.

Simoncelli’s first podium finish came in the Czech Republic in August when he finished third but he bettered that with a second-place finish at the Australian GP.
World champion Casey Stoner said: “As soon as I saw the footage it just makes you sick inside. Whenever the helmet comes off that’s not a good sign.”
British MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow Tweeted: “RIP Marco Simoncelli! A great rider and all round nice guy. My thoughts are with all his family & friends. I will never forget today.”
Australian Formula One driver Mark Webber Tweeted: “RIP Marco. A special talent that will be missed. Thinking of your loved ones and all the MotoGP paddock.”
The Italian, a former European 125cc champion, was a race-winner and front-runner during three years in world championship 125cc racing before moving to the 250cc series in 2006.
He spent four seasons with the Gilera team, with the breakthrough coming in 2008 when he not only became a winner for the first time, but charged to the title, beating Alvaro Bautista.
Simoncelli stayed on in 250cc to defend his title in 2009, although he narrowly lost the crown to future Gresini MotoGP team-mate Hiroshi Aoyama after an early-season injury left him playing catch-up.
He secured a MotoGP seat with Gresini for 2010 and earned a factory specification Honda for 2011.
Pole positions at Catalunya[/url] and [url=“”]Assen came amid a run of six straight front row starts.

The footage to the accident is shocking. His helmet came off in the collision, whether that resulted in his death or not is unsure but you’d imagine there’ll be a big investigation into why it came off. Colin Edwards must be in some state over this as well, as is Rossi.

This is terrible stuff, he came second in the Aussie Moto GP last week, by all accounts a very good rider and popular bloke, the rest of the riders are well cut up abut it, especially Rossi I’d imagine as they were good friends.

The helmet seems to have come off and he’s then struck on the head by one of the bikes. Terrible way to go, 24 years old, RIP.

Eventful day in motorsport with two people dying at a rally in Cavan, Mark Webber winning the Monaco Grand Prix with less than five seconds between the first six and Ireland/Italy/Scotland’s Dario Franchitti vying for the lead with 20 laps left in the Indy 500 amidst the chaos of regular smash-ups. Defending champion Dan Wheldon isn’t back to defend his title this year.

Franchitti takes the lead with one and a half laps left

Franchitti wins by default after Takuma Sato collides with him and crashes

Why was Vettel being booed when he won the race today?

Spa today & a chance of rain. :popcorn::clap:

Roseberg & Hamilton hit. Hamilton punctured, Rosberg damages front wing. :eek:


How jaded is that commentator. Barely raised his voice.

Mondello Park documentary last night on RTÉ was decent enough, well worth catching on the Player if anyone has an interest.

One dead and two seriously injured thus far at the Isle of man, and this is just amongst the racers.

At a slight tangent, I was sitting outside Costa coffee in wilmslow on Sunday morning, when a 18 reg black lambourghini pulled up on the double yellow lines outside. It was black with yellow stripes, in case you missed it. Out of the passenger seat hopped one of the most beautiful twenty somethings you’d ever see, in a pair of leather trousers she must have needed talcum powder to put on. She smiled at me pleasantly and wandered in for coffee.
Meanwhile, across at the car, the drivers door opened, and a fairly disgruntled looking forty odd year old grey haired lad dressed like a gangster rapper got out and went into the petrol station opposite and came back with a bottle of water, and stood beside the car sipping it, until the lovely lady sashayed back out with three coffees in a tray.
He placed his bottle of water on the roof, took the tray off her, removed one cup and gave it to her and placed the tray on the roof beside the bottle. This was all a little awkward as the doors open in an odd way, kind of half upwards. The seats seemed to be about 18 inches off the floor, nonetheless she lowered herself in elegantly with coffee in hand.
The man then removed his two cups from the tray, and was planning on discarding the tray I’d imagine, before realising that he didn’t want to put the cups on the roof.
He put the cups and the tray on the road beside the car, then collected the tray, and put it in the bin before returning. He then had, a bottle of water on the roof, and two coffees on the ground, two hands, no cup holders in the car, and a beautiful girl and an old man looking on.
He picked up one of the coffees and went around to her door, opened it, and gave it to her to hold.
He then came back around the car, moved the water bottle to just above the door, and then tried to sit into the car with the other coffee, which he spilled all over his shiny clothes.
“fuck” he shouted, going a bit purple.
He then tried to get out of the car, at which point he realised that shiny clothes and coffee go together like a lab bench and mercury, so as he tried to get out, the spilled coffee rolled off him undeterred, and all over the inside of the car, likely onto a seat made of some endangered species.
“fuck” he exclaimed again, a bit purple than before.
She had some of those Costa coffee tissues that are as absorbent as chape toilet roll, spreading rather than absorbing, and having put one of her coffees on the floor of the car, started trying to dab at the seat. He muttered something inaudible to her and leaned over and took the spare coffee off the car floor and put it back on the road, at which point she spilled some of her own latte or cappuccino onto her leather pants. She then started dabbing at them. At this point, your man had clearly had enough, taking a huge swig of the coffee he still had in his hand, and then throwing cup and all into the bin, before going back into Costa and arriving back out armed with more tissues, with which he tried to wipe first the car seat, then himself. He then put them in the bin, before attempting to get back into the car. He then successfully climbed in, then lifted his second coffee in, and started the engine, bizarrely with the doors still open. He looked about to move off when he remembered his water. Unfortunately, in reaching up to the roof for the water, despite it still having a lid, he spilled a bit of his current (second) coffee onto his lap. By this stage he had a bit of an audience enjoying the show sat outside Costa. He by now had clearly had enough, and reemerged from the car took a swig of second coffee before launching it surprisingly successfully into the bin from about five yards away.
He then returned to the car and in vexation threw the bottle of water from the roof onto the floor. Unfortunately it was a. Fizzy, and b. Didn’t have the lid on properly. Fizzy water exploded from said bottle which he grabbed, and fucked out onto the road still spraying.
He finally reentered the car unencumbered, closed the door, and moved forward about ten yards before impaling the bottom of the front bumper onto a speed bump with an awful din. He furiously reversed, partly removing a cheap looking strip of plastic from the underside of the bumper, rounding off a generally catastrophic coffee stop. He backed around and sped away revving furiously.
My pal who was there said he saw him in the car again yesterday in alderley edge, but didn’t mention it.


Is there any chance you could reproduce this in a diagrammatic format?

It reads like the answer to that auld riddle about the lad with a boat, a fox, a hen and a bag of grain, and a river he needs to cross.