Any of you lot growing moustaches for November? I understand this is not just an Australian charity thing and happens in Ireland now as well. Taking the plunge myself, having been roped into it in work, trying to decide what kind of moustache to grow.

I sponsor my Australian cousin who does it every year, that’s about as far as I go, as much as I hate shaving, I hate having to “trim” even more.

Go for the Merv Fitzy, you know you want to

Moustaches are things that are wrong.

Moustaches are generally wrong, but its a temporary thing. The Merv certainly would seem to be the way to go.

My oul boy has had a moustache for as long as I can remember, but he actually looks good with it. It used to be quite Merv like, but its more Errol Flynn now.

This you Fitzy?

I’ve always regretted wearing that headband…

The Leicester rugby boys grew some beautys there recently, must look for some pics. Geordie Frank and the lil fat out half grew some astonishingly complex things.

google mambo for hambo, it was charity for matt hampson, some real gems there alright!!

You regret wearing a Wexford headband?

You’re dead to me

Not suitable for work

[quote=“Pikeman”]You regret wearing a Wexford headband?

You’re dead to me[/quote]

Looks more tipp to me Pikeman, I’ll strive to make you proud again…

[quote=“Jugs”]Not suitable for work

Jugs knows the score!

Yours etc,

Harry Ellis’s moustache above is wrong - makes him look like a 17 year old Dublin skanger who can’t be arsed shaving.

I will attempt to sport a fashionable ‘handle bar’ number throughout the month of movember.

I’ll donate this year, I won’t be growing a mo, I found it to be a massive imposition on my life last year. Plus the fact that the bum fluff around my mouth did not exactly end up looking like the Merv Hughes impression it was intended to be.

Anyone partaking this year? I have no good reason to do so but haven’t shaved in a week so may just carry on with it, pretending it’s for this. Some chap i work with went unshaved for two weeks and shaved it all off last week bar the moustache. He looks like a paedophile. He’s ginger too.

Moustaches etc look really shit on fat blokes, Dunph.

I won’t be partaking. I always think of this thing as an excuse for cunts who always wanted to grow a tache to do so, without having to undergo the levels of ridicule they deserve for doing something as stupid as growing a tache on their face. If you want attention that badly, go the whole way and wear hot pants or something.

Cross Dressember could be the next big thing.