Munster hurling final 2019

Limerick by 4


Limerick to make four changes including bringing back their two best players while Tipp lose two very valuable players, and home advantage shifts from Tipp to Limerick.

In light of that you can only see this going one way.

Lk by 4 . Think Tipp lack pace all over .

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What real pace do Limerick have? - Hegarty will make a difference as a direct runner. But Limerick have more power than pace…

Kyle Hayes is very fast when in stride . The
Rest of the forward are all quick .

The Tipp forwards while fabulous stickmen would ruin you with pace . Their defence lacks in that regard too .

Are you calling for Pat Simon here?

After 50 minutes I always like the idea of Pat Simon

Fuck Tipp. Limerick by 4, pulling up


Brain dead from limerick management. Should have gone flat out last week and knocked cork out. Our chances of winning the all Ireland would have increased significantly. We can’t knock either cork or tipp out Sunday week. A great day out and a big day for the city but again the war won’t be won or lost.

Id much prefer to play Cork later on in Croke park owing them a loss rather than a rejuvenated Clare team with an even bigger onus on redemption.

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We’d beat Clare no problem imo. We’ve pretty much passed up two chances to knock cork out now and I suspect we will live to regret it. I’ll be seething if cork win the all Ireland. There’s no chance any 0f the Leinster teams will beat us. We’ve played cork 3 times in championship and in 70 minutes it’s two draws and a fair beating. I’ve an awful bad feeling about this season. I think we’d beat tipp In a knockout game but it’s cork I fear now.


Chip will beat Limerick pulling up. The difference in hurling terms between the teams is staggering. Once Tipp match limericks mullocking the better players invariably win out. Picking a combined 15 out of the 2 counties with best players available only Hannon, Finn and Lynch would get on the team imo.

Limerick never feared Cork

Flanagan broke his finger so he’s out I presume? Everyone else will be back I guess. Tom Morrissey is slowly playing his way into form. Dowling was disappointing v tipp but it’s possibly a blessing in disguise as he’s a really good sub to bring on. DOD hardly done enough to oust the impressive WOD either. If Hannon was still out I’d be all for playing WOD In the half back line. He’s really good and it would allow us start DOD too.

True. We just facilitated their needs down through the years

It’s opened up perfectly for cork now. They’ll get a nice break and be playing one of the provincial losers who they’ll invariably beat in thurles. Then meet the winners of the Leinster championship who will struggle to keep it pucked out to them. They’ll be in the final.

They’ll meet the losers of the Leinster Final followed by the Munster champions in semi

Limerick with a massive following to be roared over the line

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Beware the roar.

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Has the draw been made? Can you throw it up please.