Munster Rugby - We DID start the fire (Part 2)

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4th best province.

What do the Munster bandwagon supporters follow now?

Cork City

Limerick hurlers.

JP killed Mownster rugby

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6th best team in ireland. Tarf and nure are way ahead of them @LionelRitchie

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Munster beaten again last night and their situation has got so abysmal no one even bothered to post about it here


Yer man Rowntree was some come down from the links to Ronan O’ Gara at one stage. I suppose Joe Schmidt made a sluggish start with Leinster in 2010 too but I don’t see Munster finishing the season as European Champs.

Nobody really cares about the URC or whatever it’s called these days. You just need to be reasonable to qualify for the Champions Cup.

I have an inkling that Rowntree made some cuntish enough comments about Ireland in the media back around 2005. It may have been Steve Thompson, but think it was Rowntree. One of that front row anyway.

Its s bit like brexit. You know you’re fucked so what’s the point

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Great news.

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Did you watch the game? There was plenty of green shoots. There was a gale blowing with Ulster in the opening half and they went in 15-3 up. Munster very unlucky not to win it.

Stevie wonder can there is serious green shoots though. The management have been very unlucky in losing players to the emerging Ireland tour and then last night as well while dealing with an injury crisis.

This Crowley is the real deal. Wouldn’t shock me if he makes the World Cup.

I was in at it and to be honest if Ulster had a kicker they would have been a lot more comfortable. One thing that still concerns me is individual players taking the ball into contact when one more offload would open it up. I think ODonoghue and the wing (can’t remember his name) were both guilty of this when one more phase would have been a certain 5 points. There’s definitely signs of promise but you are still looking for OMahony to provide that bit of old school bite

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Im enjoying this with munster the 4th best pro team in the country. Unfortunately it will not last. Bloodimg a lot of young talented players will come good if they are left to it long term. Two ways it will go

  1. The Rob Penny era way - morons in the stands in TP dont see what they are doing as its bot the ‘munster way’. Put the coachong tocket under savage pressure for results and it falls apart, back to beating the small teams and losing in semis

  2. Grin and bear a terrible season, rebuild and target the challenge cup next year, then roar back with these new players up to speed, expirenced and dead wood gone.


Steve Thompson swears blind he can’t remember saying anything

I see Fat Sully in the papers yesterday saying he saw a real similarity between Cork GAA supporters and Munster Rugby supporters.

Quelle suprise.

“I know the Cork support is similar to the Munster rugby support when they get behind them, there is a great motivation factor from the supporters, especially at home".

Muuuuuunnnnster! Muuuuuuuuuuunnnnster!
Play the percentages Hoggy boy!

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Jesus you’d be mortified

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A fairly stinging rebuke from one their heroes of yore. He means it as a compliment of course, which is all the more revealing. Mortification is right.

Do Cork put up Munster flags along the city streets?

sully eh? who stuck a sliothar up his shorts

That’s right. He tried that trick in thurlas against Limerick one year, 06 maybe, jogging up he field with the ball up his hole for the penalty. Brian Geary sent him back down the field again with his ego wrapped around the sliotar.