Munster Rugby - We DID start the fire (Part 2)


Nice to see O’Donoghue back after all the Munster supporters hand-wringing over Ralston supposedly ending his season only a couple of months ago.

Pity one of them didn’t meet that Treviso lad with the same energy as he danced up the sideline on Saturday

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You can’t be expecting Pete Wilkins teams to be making tackles. That’s not what he’s paid 150k a year for.

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They were actually decent in fairness to them. A new ten would make a big difference.

I think they’re very static in attack (Wilkins and Johnny Sexton’s brother’s dual-responsibility) and have never been so poor defensively in the back 3. They have two many cheap former 7’s lads signed in one go and rotate the forwards too much to have a settled first choice pack.

I think with the new stadium they don’t have the money to do a clearout of the coaches this summer but there’s not one aspect of the coaching you could say has gone well.

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Think they were 7/2 or so which shows how far they are gone back. They would’ve been favs for that match a couple of years ago.

Benetton were poor enough too. They’ve lost a lot of momentum from the start of the year but to win a tight match like that which they should’ve lost is a positive sign. No harm to see them getting stronger either in fairness.

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I’d say they were just easing back in their internationals they will be better again over next few weeks

Big one for Zebo - will find out exactly what he has left here. I’d like to think he is flying in training. He’s safe under the high ball and has that bit boot at least despite the issues covering the ground. I think they will scrape in.

A long time since he got a hat trick v the saints. 2012 maybe or even 2011.

I’m just hoping his class tells

He’s best at full back can make things happen, good to see what he has as a winger in a big game. Need the likes of him and Snyman to do something special. Decent enough team but the front row could get ate.

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I think zebo is finished tbh. He’s so unfit.

Need a huge games out of Crowley and Synman.

Front row is a disaster.

And the front row subs :face_with_peeking_eye:

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I think he’s the kind of guy, he wouldn’t be in at this stage if he wasn’t going well- he’d nearly say so himself. I prefer him at FB as well. Haley is finding a bit of form but I’d say he’d be grand on the wing himself. One thing with Zebo and Haley, they are savage under the high ball and yer man Mitchell loves a box kick.

Don’t think Haley has played wing for Munster at all has he? Good point on both in the air, including winning kicks going forward, zebo especially, something that’s gone out of the Irish game.

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I thought Ryan was banned?

They’re bizarrely appealing which speaks of the desperation.

You wouldn’t fancy any of the Munster front row to do 50 pushes up.

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