Munster Rugby - We DID start the fire (Part 2)

Huge win for Munster.

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Massive- hopefully kickstart the season

Conor Murray was superb

Thrives at altitude.

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The man even looks South African

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Tanned, cold and hard to warm to?

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Sounds like Munster reinvesting the money in a back three signing.

Haven’t heard a name.

Worst Munster performance in ages.

Should still win I’d say.

The best player in Ireland is on

The fuck was he at there?


Snyman is some ape!!


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How in the name of God did munster get a penalty there?

Left one in on that Tipp turncoat

Ref has been absolutely disgraceful here. Unbelievable.

Think Snyman outmanned him and they took it bad!

Why wouldn’t they?

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