Munster Senior Hurling Championship 2020

Munster Championship 2020:

Round 1: Cork v Limerick, Waterford v Tipperary, Clare bye.

Round 2: Limerick v Waterford, Tipperary v Clare. Cork bye

Round 3: Clare v Limerick, Waterford v Cork, Tipperary bye.

Round 4: Cork v Clare, Limerick v Tipperary, Waterford bye.

Round 5: Clare v Waterford, Tipperary v Cork, Limerick bye.

Tipp the big winners in this draw. Two games, two weekend break followed by two more games. Set up nicely for them


Champions find a way

That’s three years in a row Limerick will have to play three or more in a row … there’s a week off in the middle of that tho

Free weekend for all teams between rounds 2 and 3

When is the week’s break? Drawing waterford at home is a balls, waste of a home game.

The Clare v Limerick game will be tasty this year - right after the week off

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It looks to be the key game for both sides on the face of it.

Yeah — the following fixture is tough for both - but then, they’re all tough.

Going off the last two years there is little point trying to predict how it will go 8 months in advance, especially with three new management teams in place.


Getting bored of this format now, hopefully a return to the old system, id take the pot luck of drawing Waterford in a semi final with a guaranteed back door route available.

Agreed . Hard muster enthusiasm at this stage and I think crowds may well be down . That said Ck v Lk in first game will draw a huge crowd .

Have league fixtures been announced yet ?

This format was brilliant last year. This year was skewed by Waterford and Clare going to shite. Looks brilliantly set up for next year. New management’s should have Clare and Waterford competitive at least while cork could be real contenders. Tipp will be all out to do back to back to cement their legacy, it’s a huge statement that the management have all stayed on. Limerick will be out to show the semi final last year was an aberration and get back on top. It looks brilliantly set up to me.

The format needs at least four if not five relatively similar in standard sides for it to be successful. Even if Waterford lost all their games in 2018 they were at least competitive in some of them and could have had two wins if things had gone their way, while last year they were attrocious. Clare laid two eggs in the middle of it while every other side seemed to throw in a stinker last year as well. Cork in round 1, Limerick in round 2, Tipp in the Munster final.

You would hope that last year is an anomaly and Cahill and Lohan will have Waterford and Clare competative and Kingston can get a kick out of Cork.

Lohan? :face_with_monocle:

Surely not with Pat Fitz in charge?

Pat has no real cards to play. He is putting a backroom team together and has asked his club to nominate him. Moloney has pulled out. No other credible alternative which Pat can muster

Tipp don’t need to win back to back to cement their legacy, be handy to get our one All Ireland a decade out of the way next year though.

We’ll be going down to Ennis with everything on the line. Looking forward to it already. Ating the sangwiches in Dunne’s Car Park and then looking for a place to stand in the Cowshed or sit in the stand they got in Ikea


We’ve done it nice and early in six of the last seven decades - 50,61, 71, 91, 01, 10. The 80s were the only time it got a little squeaky .

I’d imagine Sheedy will want to sign off with another so I’d be predicting 2021.

They do.

I don’t think they do. The main men from the 2006/2007 minor team all have three A/I medals and will all go down as Tipperary greats. Another All Ireland will only further cement their legacy.

The likes of Callinan, Noel McGrath, Paudie and Brendan Maher have more All Irelands than the likes of Nickey English, John Leahy etc Pat Fox from the previous generation of Tipp greats

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