Munster Senior Hurling Championship 2024…part 2

Part two of the discussion…

…Kiely seemed to be irked by the puck out for the last goal. If you look at it again, Limerick point to go two clear & the umpire gives a spare sliotar to a pleading Collins before he raises the white flag. Collins gets the puck out away to Kingston in space in quick time then.

I was irritated in the moment on that; he hadn’t blown the whistle.

At the same time, when it gets fast & furious at the end of games, that does happen. He had called it twice back earlier in the game for not waiting for the whistle (once for each team, correctly on both occasions). If he had blown it back there, the crowd would have gone mental so he let it go.

Still had more than enough opportunities to stop the attack but teams like Limerick, when they exercise dominance, do rely on setting up and choking the opposition puckout. Which is why Clare tend to do really well against us when we are hitting wides, Quilligan’s quick puckouts have really hurt us at times. And when Cork had dominance in the first half, they were winning all their own puckouts.

This was key. They were overloading that side and we were holding a player in the middle so Byrnes was in a 2-on-1 under a dropping ball, a player in front and a player behind. He had to just stop the ball going through but didn’t do that enough. I think he needed more protection from midfield to be honest, especially on the breaking ball, although he could have done better on or two.

We didn’t completely follow because then they would have been able to hit their full-forward line from a puckout.

But it’s a serious gamble allowing an unmarked player about 30m from goal. If we lost the break (which we did countless times), they were through on goal.

No easy solution when there is that kind of wind. Personally, I would have just sat back completely and allowed the full-back line uncontested ball. We gambled in the first half and paid a price.


He was outside the 20 no? He could/should have pulled him down and taken a yellow

I agree. Sit off on a number of them and left the weaker hurling wing have it.


You were telt kid


Coughlan isn’t better than Byrnes but he might be better than Byrnes played yesterday.

TELT big time!

It was right on the arc of semi circle so would have been very close to black card territory. On the replay you could see O’Donoghue grab his leg and then release it.

Not sure this ridiculous suggestion would go down too well with Division 1B counties.

Scrap the league and run the provincials as a separate competition instead. Open draw for All Ireland.

I shouldn’t have brought it up.

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Doesn’t matter as long as Munster are filling stadia, it won’t change. I’d say bog ball is more of a concern for the gaa now anyway. 23k for the Leinster final today. Barely over half the attendance for a round robin game in cork last night

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I wouldn’t have any gripes with Stacks performance at all.

@gilgamboa wanted stills. This is one of those first half incidents in front of me… Tom was in the processing of raising it and O’Mahoney comes in with a big knee and blows him over. … Play away. 30 seconds before it he blew a phantom free for Cork for WOD brushing off a cork player. More stills to come as i watch on ,:+1:


I thought Stack was very good, I wondered about the penalty but those who know the rule seem to be unanimous in declaring it a penalty
He did well

He did. You’re always going to get one or two question marks in a tight game but I don’t think his performance affected the result which is what you want


Blatant dive there anyway

Lave it go to fuck will ya. Go enjoy the homecoming tonight