@malarkey or anyone else know what this lad is?
Growing right on the lakeshore of Lough corrib.
Not a poo.
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Go again

Fcuking broadband in darkest Galway :face_vomiting:

Haven’t done them in years. I took a shit load in Canada one night and lost it.

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Best & Worst afternoon of my life

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fuck posting the photos, post me some samples

A lad brought home these Mexican yolks a few years ago. I can’t describe what happened, all I know is I came round Sunday morning having eating 2 of them on Friday. I do know I laughed a lot as my chest muscles were killing me.

Were you running around like a headless chicken?

That’s what I had in Canada… Mexican shit. I ate 3 of them and I was literally not of , nor on, this world for about 6 hours…

fella selling on stalls in christiania in copnehagen used to say “dont take these if not a good person, not with good people or have something heavy on your mind” Only people i saw freak out didnt adhere to one of the 3.

You’ll get the ones you’re really looking for in Ballybrit, tis high season :shushing_face: :sunglasses:

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You’ll get them in any good field serviced by cows …


Are you coming up on them?

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Probably wandering around lough Corrib naked.