Music 2019


Dunno if @Fagan_ODowd made a thread, if he did apologies.

So far:

The Twilight Sad 8/10
Deerhunter 7/10
James Blake 4/10


Enjoying the new Broken Social Scene and Dawn Richard.


The Gloaming 3. Ah lads.


This is some 180°


Not from me bucko.


Didn’t you dismiss them as some kind of middle-class affectation? Maybe I have the wrong man :man_shrugging:


That was @farmerinthecity. I used to think like that but I recanted over a year ago.




They’re the Tassimo of traditional music, or the gusto etc


A dig at farmer.


They are the stove top espresso pot of ambient avant garde trad.


That’s nicely put ; ironically self-consciously pretentious and… stove tops don’t make the best espresso, but they’re very, very cool. Which is more than I can say for the effing gleaming




Gleaming. Call it for what it is.


Picked the vinyl up in the nch tonight. Listening to it here. Actually in tears here at beauty of it.


Gleaming isn’t a word.


Neither is gloaming


It is.


Does it mean shite middle class soulless mediocre version of the chieftains but without the talent and originality?


Funny enough that what I used to think it meant until I listened to them and had to admit to myself that I was wrong and that the middle class were right.