Music 2019


If you can’t beat 'em…


But sure what do I know.


Fuck all it seems.


New Little Simz and Kehlani are fantastic.


I’ll expect a similar Road to Damascus moment for @chocolatemice and The 1975.


Give it up ffs.



Listening to this now. Beth Gibbons of Portishead sings Gorecki. This will be one of the albums of the year.


There’s a load of hype about fontaines DC so I gave the album a listen last night. They’re class. Them and touts are the first two new rock bands I’ve liked in a long time.


That pretentious even more me.




That’s pretentious even for me.


The middle class dinner party set will love it.

It’s still very good.


They, Fontaines DC, certainly seem better than standard Irish guff you usually get.


You’re giving the middle class dinner set way too much credit. They have to wait for it to be reasonably popular before they jump on board and take clients out for a bit of culture.


You’re welcome.


Tickets still available for Vicar st on 8 December.
Some hype around them - debut album is getting rave reviews.


I really like the album. I won’t be able to go to that gig. They’ll be playing the Olympia next year I’d say.


They Remind me of Whipping Boy and all they could have been.