Music 2019

That’s a big statement mate.

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I know.

I’m calling it early.

I don’t think that they sound like Whipping Boy at all.

They are more a punk band with Damien Dempsey as lead singer.

Which sounds absolutely class in and of itself.

I wouldn’t be as gushing in the praise but they are certainly promising.

You doing All Together Now this year? They’ll be down at that

Yup. It was great last year. Did you go? I’ll def turn up to watch this crowd at that.

Didn’t go last year but have a ticket for this year. Will be there all going well with new arrival into family late next month.

I’d say it’s hell on earth — the epitome of Hipster paradise… funky beards and all the women in the same ‘festival’ designer gear.

That’s EP.

ATN is for 40 years olds who wish they were still 25.

Unless you’re going hard on the class A drugs - you’ve no business going to a festival.

Will your self and @glasagusban Glas meet at the communal campfire and sing come Kumbaya while holding hands?

It’s a good thing you’re not bringing the other fella, he’d make a show of you.

Zing !!.. all about imagine with you …

Anyway, i’ve been disgracing @Phil_Leotardo sine 1994 - he pays no attention anymore - the year I threw a bottle of piss at Bono at Glastonbury finished us.

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I brought him along to Glasto twice and it finished him. Just a crank now throwing jibes are those “living” and not just existing…

No doubt Princess will be there with flowers in her hair while he sits at home minding Brady and gowling at people on the internet.

We all have to grow up at some stage.

I’ll be front centre at Fountains DC having a shouldering competition with @glasagusban and load of other lads who should know better. We just need @Fagan_ODowd there too to make it the perfect gig.

Never heard of them.

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Dublin version of Sultans of Ping FC… Been done before.

You’ve become very reductionist and old aged.