National Development Plan 2021

A cornerstone of the plan is to see Ireland cities, outside of Dublin - Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford grow at twice the rate of Dublin until 2040. That’ll mean interesting times ahead for these cities unless the parish pump conspires to have these plans diluted.

Do they actually ever doing anything with those plans or is it all optics ?

I think now with the Paris agreement the 2:1 spend on public transport over roads has to happen

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I agree


The new town of Ronanstown worked out a big success.


Ronanatown Gaels will walk the u12D football championship in 2140.

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Transport 21 (2005) was delivered in full.

Unlikely to happen but if this kills rooral Ireland then it’s no bad thing.

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Rural ireland is already dead. Don’t check. Just take our word for it

I’m delighted there’s a thread on this.

But which will last longer, TFK or the 2021 National Development Plan?

You’d love that and ye above there without a drop of clane water of yer own. Dublin is an inaccessible city for new entrants. Too expensive, inhabitants are hamsters on a wheel spinning at max revs to stand still with the cost of housing and childcare. Time to start again somewhere else

Dublin, Limerick, Galway, Cark, and Waterford will all be underwater.

We’ll all have to move to Portlaoise

Quite apt that this plan was launched in Pairc Ui Chaoimh. A stadium that went hugely over budget, where contracts were given to inside men, the pitch ended up as a bog and finally the county board had to be bailed out.


Shoulda launched it in the LITGG and asked JP to foot the bill

The LITGG is no more. Rebranded to the TUSGG

Another fatal error.

Il go down with my ship if that’s the alternative

Plenty of room in the Midlands Prison for ye

Why do muldoons not want gocar extended to their villages?