National Gaelic Football League 2018


Allianz Football League Division 1

Round 1: Saturday, Jan 27th: Dublin v Kildare; Sunday, January 28th: Galway v Tyrone, Kerry v Donegal, Monaghan v Mayo

Round 2: Saturday February 3rd: Mayo v Kerry, Tyrone v Dublin; Sunday, February 4th: Donegal v Galway, Kildare v Monaghan

Round 3: Saturday February 10th: Dublin v Donegal; Sunday February 11th: Galway v Mayo, Kildare v Tyrone, Monaghan v Kerry

Round 4: Saturday February 24th: Mayo v Dublin, Monaghan v Tyrone; Sunday February 25th: Donegal v Kildare, Kerry v Galway

Round 5: Saturday March 3rd: Dublin v Kerry, Tyrone v Donegal; Sunday March 4th: Galway v Monaghan, Kildare v Mayo

Round 6: Saturday March 17th: Mayo v Tyrone; Sun, March 18th: Galway v Dublin, Kerry v Kildare, Monaghan v Donegal

Round 7: Sunday Mar 25th: Donegal v Mayo, Dublin v Monaghan, Kildare v Galway, Tyrone v Kerry

Allianz Football League Division 2

Round 1: Saturday, January 27th: Cork v Tipperary; Sunday January 28th: Clare v Cavan, Louth v Down, Roscommon v Meath

Round 2: Saturday, February 3rd: Cavan v Louth, Tipperary v Roscommon; Sunday, February 4th: Down v Cork, Meath v Clare

Round 3: Saturday, February 10: Cavan v Meath; Sunday, February 11: Clare v Tipperary, Cork v Louth, Roscommon v Down

Round 4: Sunday, February 25th: Cork v Cavan, Down v Clare, Louth v Roscommon, Tipperary v Meath

Round 5: Saturday, March 3rd: Cavan v Down; Sunday, March 4th: Clare v Roscommon, Meath v Cork, Tipperary v Louth

Round 6: Saturday, March 17th: Cork v Clare; Sunday, March 18th: Down v Tipperary, Louth v Meath, Roscommon v Cavan

Round 7: Sunday, March 25th: Cavan v Tipperary, Clare v Louth, Meath v Down, Roscommon v Cork

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Great for non-Galway native, Galway based posters that Galway have the four plum ties against Tyrone, Mayo, Dublin and Monaghan all at home.

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And Limerick hurlers too .

All National Hurling League fixtures have been posted in the Dublin GAA thread.

The context is box office in Galway .

Context by its nature is not box office.

Fully expect Cork to have 4/4 before they head to Meath in game 5, that could be a big decider in promotion because if Rosscommon do as i expect and start a little later with a view to i.proved champio ship performance Meath might slip them in Rd. 2 away.

Its between Cork, Rosscommon and Meath i feel with Rosscommon have home advantage against the other 2 i think the Cork-Meath game might decide the 2nd spot.

Any fixtures out for foitball division 4? Limerick due to go to london

At the end of the day the league is just heavy petting.

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Division 3 National Football League Fixtures

Round 1: Sunday, January 28: Armagh v Sligo, Derry v Westmeath, Fermanagh v Wexford, Offaly v Longford

Round 2: Sunday, February 4: Fermanagh v Offaly, Longford v Derry, Sligo v Wexford, Westmeath v Armagh

Round 3: Sunday, February 11: Armagh v Longford, Derry v Offaly, Sligo v Fermanagh, Wexford v Westmeath

Round 4: Saturday, February 24: Fermanagh v Derry; Sunday, February 25: Longford v Wexford, Offaly v Armagh, Westmeath v Sligo

Round 5: Saturday, March 3: Armagh v Derry; Sunday, March 4: Sligo v Longford, Westmeath v Fermanagh, Wexford v Offaly

Round 6: Saturday, March 17: Fermanagh v Armagh; Sunday, March 18: Derry v Wexford, Longford v Westmeath, Offaly v Sligo

Round 7: Sunday, March 25: Longford v Fermanagh, Sligo v Derry, Westmeath v Offaly, Wexford v Armagh

Four away games for Wexford, not great

Not something you have ever experienced

When are the club finals fixed for next year?

There seems to be national league games fixed for the 17th March?

Probably Saturday night league games ? Club finals earlier in the day ? Will Mondsy 19 th be a Bank holiday ?

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do we have an updated list of what counties are back training?


Div 1 - Tyrone
Div 2 - Roscommon
Div 3 - Armagh
Div 4 - Laois



Havre cork improved dramatically ?

Having seen them train a few times now I would revise my hopes for them.

They may be battling relegation