National Hockey League 2018-19

Puck drops on the worlds greatest sport tonight, again we’ve been kind enough to let the Americans enter teams into our national league, let’s see if their recent run of good form can continue.

In the east tampa bays time has surely come with a fully fit roster, Boston are hoping for one last cup run from Chara and Bergeron to supplement the kids that have developed quicker than expected while Toronto have bet the house on hometown superstar John Tavares to centre the top line and free up Mexican American wunderkid Auston Matthews to do damage away from the top defensive pairing.

Washington are champs but may suffer a hangover and lose to a lesser team a la the Galway hurlers, Columbus will challenge but mouthpiece coach John Tortorella usually only has a shelf life of a few years on a team and might be reaching that, the penguins have all the pieces in place, are well rested and are a great bet to win it out. Montreal have not found any goal scorers to replace Pacioretty, The rangers are in full rebuild mode and the isles in full dumpster fire. Philadelphia with James Van Riemsdyk coming back to the club who drafted him and Florida who got Mike Hoffman cheap from Ottawa after his girlfriend had a bizarre alleged internet bust up with Erik Karlssons wife should fill out the last two playoff slots.

The west is wide open, Nashville and Winnipeg look best set up, Vegas are a mystery and have possibly over spent on former Habs captain Pacioretty, Chicago are duds and Edmonton are under huge pressure to regain form and back up McDavid. The second biggest trade was the sharks getting perennial Norris contender Erik Karlsson from Ottawa for a song which puts them straight back into contention but Calgary with some smart additions are the dark horse.

Not sure anyone is too interested in this but I will post up musings and clips of fights, big hits, and excellent stick handling as the season progresses.



You wanna go, lets go

Go Leafs.


I thought you lived in Nova Scotia and were in the ra…you gotta support Catlick Montreal mate

I was only winding you up, bro. I detest the Ontario scum …

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I’m in NYC for the Islanders V Blue jackets,ive always wanted to see an NHL game live unfortunately the Rangers are away so is this worth going to?

Catch a nba game if you don’t follow either. Great watch. Be sure and hit the brass monkey too.

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Absolutely worth going to, should be cheap as chips too as the Islanders are at a low ebb. Is it on in Brooklyn or the Nassau Coliseum?

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Nassau, i’m staying in the Empire hotel so it’s an hour away. Was a 50/50 chance Furey and Wilder would be on that weekend in Brooklyn sickened.

Better off going out to it, they have no support in Brooklyn, huge support on Long Island so there should be a decent atmosphere. It’s worth the trip to see it and the closer to the ice you go the better you’ll like it. You get a better view up high but I don’t think you’ll be too bothered about tactics. Let me know beforehand I’ll give you a guide on what to watch out for

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Go sabres!

how often do lads box the ears off each other during a game?

Fuck the Knicks are playing the Bucks in MSG the same night! :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hmmm any other hockey games you can get to?seeing Giannis in the garden would be hard to pass up

The up and coming team. Biggest draft winners since McDavid with Rasmus Dahlin. Great time to get back on board.

No both the Rangers and islanders are away for when i’m there 27th to 2nd.Typical!

Not often any more. The games gone so fast and skilful teams cant afford to carry goons on the squad. You do get the occasional fight, its necessary, research has shown that in leagues where fighting is banned the rate of concussions and head injuries are higher, because with no threat of fighting to keep them in check, players will play dirty and hit high way more often. The system works.

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Head out to jersey on the second for the devils v jets? Or are you flying that day

Flying out the morning of the 2nd! I must bump that New York thread soon enough