Native Peoples Thread

He’s a legend.

Been reading / watching a lot of docs on native Americans lately …

Talk about mass genocide, I don’t think the history of the human race has seen anything like it.

I had read quite a bit about modern natives when I was in Canada about ten years ago - There’s still a lot of resentment towards them - they are viewed as lazy and resented for all the grants now thrown at them to make up for the murder of their ancestors. The big problem is the divide among modern natives - You have natives with 1/16th - 1/4tr Indian heritage milking the system and screwing more pure breed who still live on reserves etc.

Anyway, the sophistication of many native tribes and their political structure are still beyond anything western culture has come up with - Most of them were farmers with city like states - All we’re left with today is the imagery of the plains Indians through Hollywood.

It’s encouraging to see we have many native Americans on the board tho

@thedancingbaby - shit in mouth
@caoimhaoin - Knows a lot
@artfoley - Bald Eagle
@backinatracksuit - He who apologizes
@The_Most_Infamous - Drinking Bear


@Brimmer_Bradley - Golden eagle- strong and graceful.
@KinvarasPassion- dove - graceful and fast
@ChocolateMice - thrush- an irritating cunt.

dungeon this shit

Not bad Brimmer… I remember when that thrush quip was funny around 2007/2008 - Good effort tho.

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its a lovely story, but it never happened

Do the modern natives tap their mouths when they’re shouting for that cool effect or is that considered old hat now?

Why would they tap their mouth when shouting?

That’s what Indians do mate.

Is that what you teach your students?

Its disturbing we have been robbed of the real history.

They have alot to tell us as well.

They copped the “white man” very quickly and how fucking dumb he was.

It’s there if you go digging but fuck all has essentially changed between first contact and today, over 500 years of murder.

The picture painted by Hollywood in the old westerns was disgusting making heroes out of the white man

Did you spend a J1 summer, or whatever the Visa is called for Canada, reading about Canadian natives? :grin:

No, I worked there for 8 months, mate.

Lovely piece on nationwide now about our kindred spirits the Choctaw nation.

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As if the struggles come anywhere near each other.

The country was fine till those IRA lads came along

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