got this during the week on the xbox, prob disconnecting sky next week. its the business

Good for you

Is it not just re-runs of old shows? Why would you get rid of Sky?


Could you not just be happy for him. It is the forum’s feel good story of 2012 so far

I imagine he means SKY Movies, and not the entire SKY platform which would just seem mental to me.

quite true mbb, keeping sports, was onto to sky and theyre willing to halve the costs.

chewy thanks for your support.

im glad to be part of the feel good story of 2012 so far and i can only hope that this story inspires the rest of ye to see the good in everything.

Carpe Diem…

Where did I say I was unhappy for him?

That makes sense alright. Always thought Sky Movies was a waste of money myself as they seem to repeat the same oul shite over and over.

I presume you still told them where to go. Amazing the way these fuckers crawl and scurry when you threaten to walk away.

whats up your ass mate?


yor snappy snide response to the cunt of monte cristo

Nah mate, there was nothing snappy or snide about it. 2 honest questions. Don’t think I could have made it any simpler. The planning for your upcoming trip must be putting pressure on you and clouding your judgment on certain posts. It’s unlike you to just dive straight in throwing accusations around the place.

we have been at logegrheads quite a bit recently & this is spirralling towards a major major blowout

From what I’ve seen of Netflix the content is largely dross

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[quote=“The All Seeing Eye, post: 653543”]

we have been at logegrheads quite a bit recently & this is spirralling towards a major major blowout[/quote]

Sorry to hear about your domestic issues mate. Hope they get sorted out before a blow out.


Not impressed with the initial experience…

Since i started playing around on isohunt last weekend, my needs are fulfilled.

brilliant work tase…the cunt of monte cristo…very clever, well done mate.

just started a 30 day trial lads(against rocko’s advice), any recommendations?

Get a good solicitor.

Cancel it by day 27