Half way through the latest season of Narcos.

Jorge Salcedo :ronnyroar:


Miguel murders him with a plastic bag over his head


And fucks his wife


Great fun so far.


Toast of London. I’m pissing myself laughing at it here.


Hello Juhniallio, Clem Fandango here, can you hear me?


Enjoying it a lot more than series 2.


Yes. Yeeeees. Yeeeus. Yeeeeeuuuuuuus!


Finished it. What a show. Hopefully there’ll be a season four tackling the Mexicans.

Oh Jorge Salcedo :ronnyroar:

Chepe and Pacho :astonished:


El Chapo next


I’m only just finishing season 2. Enjoying it but maybe a small bit drawn out.


Netflix going up in price next month.

If you’re on the basic plan the price stays the same.

The 2S plan is going up by 1 Euro.
The 4s plan is going up by 2 euro.


What do the other plans offer that basic doesnt? Wasnt aware they existed


2s is 2 screens at the same time.

4s is 4 screens at the same time.


You’d want your head examined not having the extra features i.e. the two or four screens more.


That plan would be more for families I’d say.

Families often share Netflix accounts.


Happy Valley s2 is very good


Time: The Kalief Browder story.

Powerful 6 part documentary about a lad that was locked up for over 3 years, 2 years in solitary, as a 16 year old. They tried to fit him up for nicking a bag but he wouldn’t plea bargain despite the hell he was put through on Rikers Island.

A superb watch and highly recommend.


Great. Looked at it a few tines and didn’t bite.

Have a night to fill tonight


It’s excellent Kev, loads of twists and turns in it but I wouldn’t want to ruin it by saying any more.