Exactly. Great point.

And you only go i to knowing you know you have to switch the fuck on


Subtitles insist that you are present in the moment, a lot to be said for that


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve enjoyed nearly everything I’ve watched with subtitles while I’ve tried to watch some really highly rated shows and films and couldn’t get into them at all


FAO of Last Chance U, season 2 fans.

Running back Isiah Wright has been charged with homicide (in real life)


FAO @dodgy_keeper last chance u is a documentary so also real life

Sorry for him he put it down fairly tough as a kid. Savage talent with an attitude problem to match


He was a prick, there was no helping him.


I disagree. I thought he was a decent lad trying to make the best of a bad upbringing. That fat fucking cunt Buddy Stephens was lucky he never knocked him out.

I blame that bastard for what’s happened with Isiah.


Season 3 of Rick and Morty in excellent.


Ah man they were just kids, if you or I came up the same way we’d be them


Is it all up on Netflix yet?

The latest season of Bojack Horseman is some of the best TV ever made


My 8 year old was talking to me about this yesterday.

Must check it out.


Very irresponsible of you to let an eight year old watch it. That’s bad parenting.


Yeah it’s on Netflix. I didn’t finish season 3 of bojak. Must give it another.


Fairly sure he posts on here now too.

He is off to start coder dojo today so I would expect regular DOS attacks here by Christmas


Does he use your log in? Judging by a lot of your posts I’d say that’s a yes!


Brilliant banter


No it’s not.


F is for Family
Worth a look


The new Star Trek is on Netflix… didnt realise… unreal!!!


Think we discussed it somewhere here, it’s a great cold open.