Of course its not…


Id say it would be far more in their interests to say it was tbh


New line of Duty on lads. Great show


Nah Netflix want the last season to air as they have spent a fortune on it already. They’re hoping that this spiked the story but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see any of season 6 on Netflix.


They’re also cautious after the head of Amazon TV got the bullet after rose McGowan claimed they didn’t listen to her about weinstein


What series is it…they have all been on bbc. Excellent




Started watching it last week.
Excellent so far, after 7 episodes


Ya will be interesting to see where it goes next season. I really enjoyed it.

The big lad is freaky in how aware he was of his own issues and why he was the way he was.

Its all true as well is it not? Or at least based heavily on triluth and real serial killers?

Whats gas is the way they get laughed at woth their “behavioural science nonsense”. Feel like that with sports science sometimes😂


Has anyone watched the second series of Stranger things. I’d forgotten about it and now have a chance to binge out if it’s worth it


Half way through episode 5 - As good as the first season, builds as it goes.


That’ll do


The Sinner is both creepy and very good.

I love Jessica Biel


Halfway through Godless. It’s the best mini-series I’ve seen in a while, HBO level quality. Jeff Daniels is excellent. Slow burner to begin but worth it.


Is that on Netflix what’s the gist


I was immediately drawn in.

Who wouldn’t be though by a town full of Cowgirls.

I’ll give it a twirl tomorrow.


Ya. Just uploaded


Anyone ever use Rakuten tv?


Be careful pal


Just finished watching this.

I thought it was excellent.

Bill Pullman was superb as well.