Pullman was very good. I thought it all wrapped up a bit too neat and tidy Though?


The “Jim & Andy” documentary was interesting.
The scenes with Andy Kaufmans family meeting Jim/Andy was strange.
Well worth a watch


Sadly the second half of the season doesnt live up to the early promise. Started out excellent but loses its way big time.


It left Pullman’s story hanging though.


Jim Carry and he full of STD’s


Good sports doc?
I’ve a few hours to kill now


“The summit” - about Limerick man Ger McDonnells ill fated climb of K2. Excellent documentary


Just watch a few episodes of Master of None


Just started watching America’s Game with the 07 Giants, the responses here were a bit tardy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I know I’m fair late here but Gascoigne’s doc is excellent


there is a savage amount of graphic homosexuality creeping into shows these days, the second series of el chapo is cat for it, conrado is ateing the face of a lad every chance he gets, there’s no need for showing it, it adds nothing


Another shout out for witnesses, or frozen witnesses on BBC iplayer. Daycent.


Pascal a huge loss.Should still be quality though,Just starting season 2 of Chapo.


I had to abandon The Deuce halfway through it. Vile stuff.


Do you find the regular kind equally disgusting??


Ah don’t start that shit man!


Its not for me but but not revolting either. I’d rather no sex scenes.


What’s up mate, genuine question. I’m interested in the human condition.


I disagree. It’s probably just that you’re somehow drawn to programmes that contain a lot of explicit homosexual hi-jinks.


I watched this over the weekend. An interesting watch, fairly intense at times. Credit to Carrey for really committing to the role