Took me about 3 or 4 till I got hooked. Dont watch season 5.


Stick with it pal. Episode 2 is a good in and it keeps it’s quality for the next 3 seasons.


I’m taken with the banter in the first 5 minutes


I watched episode 1 of s5 and I’m not going back. Even Anthony lapaglia couldn’t save it.


First chapter is the best. All downhill from there. If you last through the Liam Neeson one, you’re dogged.


My broadband has crashed anyway… Could do with less Neeson anyway


Enjoyed it all bar the Neeson one. The Pretend IRA lads will be seething with that one


The Kominsky Method with Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin is a good old yarn. 8 episodes but they’re short (c. 22 minutes each)


Anyone finish the new narcos, I’m half way through. Def not as good as the others.


I’m on last episode, I agree, not as good


Good, enjoyable. If you like the coen brothers you’ll enjoy it.


The Roosevelts - An intimate history is a grand way of passing a few hours. It’s another Ken Burns PBS documentary.

I’m three episodes in and enjoying it.


Guilty pleasure alert

I’ve started watching, and enjoying, iZombie :eek:


True crime fans (@gilgamboa @backinatracksuit) have you watched tbe Evil Genuis show about the Brian Wells case?


Maniac is a weird, weird ass show.

In other news Adventureland is the first movie I watched on Netflix in a good while that wasn’t a massive letdown. Probably partly because I had zero expectations to begin with.


I watched it. Thought it dragged on a bit. There is a Buzzfeed unsolved episode on YouTube that covers the case just as well in 30 odd mins


I thoroughly enjoyed The Bodyguard. A nice, concise 6 episode thriller. No tits in it.


Half way through Narcos Mexico. Not too gone on it.
Not sure if it’s my tv but the narrator and music seems to be way louder than the dialogue between characters.


Great shout. Highly recommended.


Just finished better call Saul there. Great fare, although a little disappointed with season 4.