Watched Wind River this evening. Decent


The wild wild country - that’s a documentary that’s all sorts of bizarre


Just watched “jiro dreams of sushi”. Well worth a look.


The yanks have a great way of telling a yarn. I think that’s an outstanding show. Christ but it made me laugh in places- at times it had me pondering the wonderment of the prairies, then it had me empathisiing with the plight of a small armless man in a cold universe being tragically undermined by a chicken.
The last word goes to gleeson. With a mere raised eyebrow he can do more in a second than de Niro did in everything, bar godfather II of course.
Go and watch it again.


I found it utterly depressing and mostly boring, except for the gold digger.


Roma is very good, watched it last night. If you like art house subtitled b/w flicks you’ll love this.


Has anyone watched this Sunderland thing?


Watching it all weekend. 6 down 2 to go. It’s excellent; Grayson comes out looking like a tit, Coleman is a charismatic gentleman. Jack Rodwell is some prick. Darron Gibson’s troubles to be dealt with yet. Ellis Shorts role partially examined, he’s started to pull the plug on things as the series unfolds. Brilliant documentary, the facilities that SAFC have are amazing…


Why so mate?




He was the only one on a contract whose wages didn’t go down when they were demoted from the premier league, and he refused to make any serious effort to get picked to play. £12m contract he had over 5 years and had 18 months to go. Wanted to be paid off rather than play his way to a new club. The chief executive told him basically to be a man about it and give the club a break as they hadn’t funds to replace two loan deal strikers they had lost. For the money he was on, they could have gotten 4 players on loan…


So he did nothing wrong.

Thanks pal.


You’re welcome pal.

It’s very good, but he doesn’t come out of it well. Have a look at and see.


You’re the problem with modern sports.


He had a contract. It’s not his fault they gave it to him but he has every right to honour it. Blame the man not the worker you capitalist pig.


So once you get a contract you don’t have to work for it?


He did work, they turned their backs on him, the fans did too. He got little or no support from a man who wanted rid of him. He had every right see out his contract.



@mickee321 have you watched the Israeli series Fauda? About the Israeli secret services tracking down Palestinian terrorists.


yes - its very good
however there are 2x versions

  • hebrew/arab with english subs
  • dubbed - voiceover type of thing in english
    The first option is way better - the dubbed version is pretty poor

also if you can watch “hatufim” חטופים‎ or in english “abductees” do as well - its the original series set in Ramle in central israel that was used by Gideon Raff to produce homeland