Wire season 2, then 3, then 4, me oul flower.


great stuff - thanks pal - that season 1 was a slow burn but a great show
i found the bad language tough going but you blend in


I0 was a decent enough film saw it on NF last night need a bit of imagination though( title isn’t 10)


What’s the craic with Aquaman. I have here ready to roll for the weekend if it’s worth watching


‘the trip’. Very pleasant indeed


I’m back watching The Wire again at the moment. Actually had all 5 seasons on DVD from back when box sets actually came in a box. Missus had never seen it. I’d forgotten how good it is - still up there as some of the best tv …


Don’t know mike


I’ve only ever really used RTÉ Player in the past to play Sunday Game matches/highlights I’ve forgotten to record - I’ve been meaning to watch Love/Hate for a long time and popped on to check if it was still there, and was surprised by the sheer amount of stuff on it. Probably tonnes of complete garbage, but some gems and documentaries I’d watch in there as well. An alternative to Netflix for a few weeks anyways.


Was it his voice that could be heard at the end in terms of how to spin it - i.e. no one died?

He came across as a right cunt.


Yep. An absolute cunt. And way out of his league. No idea that all the lies were actually illegal and constituted fraud. But also I’d say he had no idea about any of the money stuff and the wider scamming. He was all about the lifestyle.


He was Livin’ It Up.


The Affair
Escape at Dannemora




Escape at Dannenora is good alright. Patricia Arquette brilliant in it as she usually is in most things.


It drags on a bit. The wife lost interest after season 3 or 4.


Was that the end of The Affair for her?


Halfway through roma. Turned it off. If this gets an Oscar it’s just Hollywood apologising to Mexico for the future wall.


Finished watching ‘You’ with the better half last evening. Worth watching as a couple, bubblegum for the brain.


It was. She hates things that jump around the place.

Everything these days, TV series and movies, seem to start near the end, then go back to the start and finish I think, at the end. Very hard to follow, she gives up.

I could give loads of examples.


Is she a bit dim?