This is a Netflix thread fucko


Tomato tomato


Pull up your pants or you’ll be sent packing


Ha ha, ohhh Nooo…


Grow up fucko


Recommend a film on Netflix there. Nothing too taxing.






Completely overacted, it’s pretty shit despite the heralded cast.


First episode ok ,gave up on second


Peaky blinders,fab lads.


It will drive you mad. I’m sticking it out to the end though. Then I read today that season 2 is on the way.


Is the thing about the scam festival in Bahamas any good? Or does preview ad tell it all?


Watched it last night. Average fare, just a load of millenials with too much money being ripped off. Watchable but that is about it


Brave heart


Watching Wayne on YouTube originals. It is very enjoyable


Just watched it. I think it’s better than that. Great story. The follow up footage of Billy is insane. The guy is a fucking lunatic. A good lesson for modern living. Funny how Ja Rule disappears entirely when the shit starts to hit the fan…


Just finished watching it. Very enjoyable.


lads - give me something here i can watch with herself
recent series we have wathced

  • the killing series 2
  • la casa de papel series 1
  • big little lies
  • the wire season 1

i just finished Premier Passions for the second time in 19 years
we watched the docu-movie Forever Pure there last night as she was homesick and it was where we fell in love - i think

big little lies was great - it had everything
things like Nacros are too violent and i cant put hebrew /arab subs when there is already an english sub or we’ll end up killing each other

is fargo worth it or should we go wire season 2?


Personally I thought Fargo was awful