If that’s 1986 then those are tyrone lads driving. The Derry lads were all new romantics by then.


Doubt that,I was in Derry 6 years at that time, Derry men ok


I’m watching arrested development for the first time, only ten episodes in, I’ve a pain in my head from laughing at the most recent episode (the one where the dad used the one armed man to teach the kids ‘lessons’)


Brilliant first three seasons


Is this seige at jadotville worth watching?


Decent enough reviews ( Irish ones anyway)


Fair enough. I’ve my heart set on something mindless though.


Original doc was good


I watched the first two episodes. A grand watch - to be honest you would probably get as much out of an hour documentary on him which you’d find on You Tube.

It really was incredible how he killed so many without detection. I know the individual states weren’t talking to each other but he killed six ladies around the University of Washington alone!


If he could have controlled his blood lust he may have never been caught such was his intelligence behind the insanity.


Was he really intelligent though?

He struggled to get into law school.

I think the cops were poor. When the first victim went missing they didn’d bother search the room properly as they thought it was a runaway. Massive blood stains under the duvet!!


Had a lot of luck along the way, escaping the court house and committing another murder soon after it’s nuts. Bundy was a contradiction to the standard serial killer in that his personality was so approachable to his victims, he lulled the majority of women into his web before pouncing. He’s the chatty lad at work and a night out the last thing you would think of him is this guy partakes in necrophelia.


Watched the film “Lion” the weekend. I thought it would be a load of shite, but was an enjoyable watch. Based on a true story.

Also watched the film about the ex Uruguayan president who was jailed for 12 years in the 70s. It’s in Spanish. Well worth a watch. I was aware of this fella before, and if only we had some politicians in Ireland who could measure up to him. None could. Even the likes of the fundamentalist Dev.


I wonder just how prevalent was his chattiness. He seemed to make up a lot of idyllic stories about his life. For instance it appears that he was a complete loner as a child/teenager.

But it certainly does appear that he changed once he got to University and definitely was charismatic.

But the likes of necrophelia must have been deep seated which he did very well to hide.


I’m not into any overly weird sex stuff — But i’m extremely social-able/ chatty on a night out and I’ve murdered multiple times.




The Great Wall is totally ridiculous but entertaining


Watched Fyre over the weekend, good show. Billy is some cunt.


Great show. Billy has some balls alright,Ja Rule comes across as some fukn gobshite too.


What’s the name of this?