Twelve year night.
Great show


That’s it. Worth a watch


Den of thieves is worth a look, decent heist movie.


Watched it on Xmas eve with Pops. Entertaining enough fare but it “borrowed” heavily from Heat.


Agree rating


Watched it there too, what an uucoam. Ja Rule too, “it’s not fraud, it’s false advertising…”


Russian Doll has been quite enjoyable. Nice little 25 minute episodes to zip through. Highly recommended for the solo viewer, and to those in a life partnership.


Is there any singletons on TFK barring the couple of young fellas?


Are there… And you a teacher.


Friends from College season 2 started slow but finished well.

The Punisher season 2 started explosively but I got bored as it finished.

Enjoyed ‘Broken’ with Sean Bean… Slow moving gritty northern England mini series… worth a watch.

Started Night Flyers (produced in Limerick) - dark edge to it but only watched 1 episode.

Anything else worth watching at the minute?


Sex Ed


Forgot to add… Watched that with the Mrs … Very enjoyable.


A dinger of a series

Kominsky Method seems good, I’m 4 in

The good place is outstanding


I’ve only started this myself having never seen it before. It’s fantastic.


Have you gotten to that episode I mentioned yet? I still laugh out loud when I think about it :grinning:


A very watchable show. Gillian Anderson is fantastic :heart_eyes:


Nah I’m only four episodes in yet but I feel a good belt of them coming on tonight along with a couple of beers. A lot to be said for a sub-30 minute series on Netflix that doesnt require too much braingagement.


How much of the good place have you watched. I’m up to date, i thought the last few episodes were gash.

Sex ed very good.


Cancelled already I’m told


Up to date, thought any time it’s looked tired it’s pivoted excellently. I love the smaller characters, Rudolph is outstanding