Discovered Amanda Kirby while doing some research on dyspraxia this week. She is a proponent of neurodiversity and how we think, process, communicate and act differently. The idea that conditions overlap and we don’t all just exist within boxes. Knowledge of these things is power anyway.


Must check that out. Older lad has dyspraxia. He also has hyper mobility - not sure it’s hEds or dyspraxia related . he can almost crack any part of his body :grimacing:

Dyscalcula is a new one to me. My younger lad was diagnosed with dysgraphia.

We never told either of them although they both used iPads in school as handwriting was too bad/tiring.

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Emailed you a presentation on SENs. You might find helpful.


The graph doesn’t make any sense. How does the venn diagram tie in?

You’re porbably right. Neurodiversity is an umbrella term, so maybe a Venn diagram isn’t the appropriate starting point.

Why does reading from dyslexia have a dotted line to maths from dyscalcula?

You can’t be just firing out graphs like that

Id imagine because there can be a crossover. A student could have both, rather than just one in isolation.

So why isn’t there dotted lines between everything? I’m calling bullshit on this graph, not the research, but the graph wouldn’t give me much confidence into it

It’s a data visualisation tool, but it looks to be a poor enough one.

Because some conditions crossover while others dont?

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I’d have to read some of the work to see what she means.

We all have a touch of something, some more than others. Maybe the environment we’ve built to teach and even work is the problem and not people? Oh you can’t sit still and retain info over hours, you’re broken…even tho we evolved to be hunter gatherers… I can see a group of early man now heading out to hunt a mammoth… 'That fucker isn’t coming with us, he couldn’t colour inside the lines above on the cave wall and the last time we were running down a mammoth his use of grammar was way off ’


Anecdotally, it does make sense to me as a teacher.


Theres sporting achievement and academic achievement.

I’d presume there was a a few clever lads who stayed in the cave, predicting the weather and pretending to see into the future while the meatheads went out and got ate by sabertooth tigers.

Good point. We’ve been hunter gatherers for 95% of our existence.

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A fair range of neurological diversity on TFK


Nasty post

Not at all - celebrate diversity

That’s not what you were doing. Own it.

Hard to feel anxious when a sabre tooth tiger is chasing you down.

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