New Newstalk line up


What’s the verdict lads


Would it hurt your brain to post up the new lineup?




Quinlan in the mornings is woeful.


The one with Chris has a nice voice.
Quinlan on the sport in the morning is shocking, mispronouncing soccer team names and all round no clue about sports outside the obvious. Pat Kenny has more time so that can only be a good thing. How’s Hooky doing?


That’s Sarah McInerny. She seems competent enough.
Pains me to say it but I miss Yeats and his rants in the morning. Overall it has become a bland advertisement of political correctness. Hooky is a notable exception. He had a right cut off John Hallingan yesterday



Is Quinlan there as the “sport guy” just to give updates on the hour or does he have a wider presenting brief?


Who is she?


A lovely Galway lass.


Quinlan is beyond woeful …newstalk love giving out broadcaster gigs to people who aren’t even related to broadcasters. Williams, Bobby Kerr, that annoying posh female doctor who loves the sound of her own voice, George Hook.


Ciara Kelly is the lass you are referring to.


Course he did the obnoxious cunt. No fear of him having a cut off any of his blueshirt mates though.


Yeah she was absolutely painfull anytime I heard her on a Friday evening with Hook and the others


I used to have a relatively amount of time for Shane Column but his politeness has become insufferable


She is some fcuking dose .


Ah listen, I can’t decide whether that radio station has become a cesspit of lefty thinking cuntishness or just a soup ta king shower of wannabees. Now I find Tom Dunne is ok and your man MonCrief (or whatever the fuck he calls himself) is ok in small doses but the rest are at best planks.


It is in its hole lefty. It’s pro business and has a fine private enterprise agenda. Listen to their coverage of any strike bar the nurses. And obviously they plough the o brien agenda of the day.


I nearly puked when I heard that moral degenerate creep Williams on my wireless the other morning. Change the dial is newstalks slogan and I followed their advice on this occasion.
Yeats was brilliant the rest of them are just establishment mouthpieces with no radical opinion on anything.


Which Williams?