New Newstalk line up


Bertie Ahern and John Bruton coming up after the break with Ivan to discuss brexit. What a collection of cunts.


A D’Arcy of cunts


Listening to Pat Kenny talking about Compulsory Purchase Orders with an expert. I thought auld Pat would be an expert on land grabs


I hope he’s not badgering the CPO expert


Well he was asking about getting the land back if it wasnt used for the reason of the CPO. :grinning:


Them in the leafy suburbs will need to talk to farmers about CPO .


Praise the Lord!


Bit of a bromance going on here with Coleman and some chap called Cuddihy whose voice I recognise from sports coverage


Cuddihy does a show on Sunday and subs in a bit. Not sure Iv ever heard him on OTB. Hes not bad


There’s a serious snowflakisation of Newstalk going on at the minute.


They’ve taken the George Hook issue very badly


Your man Coleman is just one giant meh from me. He isn’t anything really.


Hes a pain in the hole


As a rubby die hard, we’ll take your word on that.


He’s a poor mans Chris Donoghue


That’s some insult


Kieran. He’s the son of former Kilkenny hurling doctor Bill Cuddihy.


That’s harsh. The worst insult in broadcasting


At least Donoghue knew he was a snowflake, Coleman is nothing.


that cuddihy is an insufferable arshole.

its like newstalk hatched and nurtured their very own snowflake and this little prick is the result. at least that chris donoghue had a bit of a spark in him, a bit of uppity aggression, in fairness to him now and youd respect him for that at least.
newstalk is a completer disaster now apart from yatesy and he wont last long id say