New Newstalk line up


I see yer one Dil who had 50 listeners now has her own podcast. Funny how her first 2 guests were fintan o’toole and mary Coughlan.

Dil Wickremasinghe addresses Newstalk departure and George Hook controversy in new podcast


Great . Just what will shorten a shitty weekend .


Chris Donoghue gone to work for Simon Coveney, a hugely annoying little prick but has potential to be a heavyweight broadcaster, I’m surprised


It won’t be much different from what he was doing the last few years.


Hook will outlast them all


You must have the Irish Times read from cover to cover already.


Just a quick flick through the magazine so far, ROCK dissapointing today


Devastating review of Robert Pestons book in the ticket.


The respect I had for Coveney is now gone. Donoghue is a piece of shit.


Welcome to 5 years ago kid .



One can but hope that that’s as much as we ever see of George Hook on our screens in future.


Lovely jubbly, just switched on the radio and George is back



Williams is the gift that keeps on giving.


Hook was rounded on by the mob for something the mob invented, (telling young wans to be careful), lets see if the mob will react now to a bit of medical condition or even disabled slagging by williams.


The problem is that no one listens to the Newstalk Breakfast show so more than likely no one heard his shite.


Why did George apologise if the mob invented it? Seems odd that he would apologise for something that was made up by a third party.


it does seem odd but its very obvious he apologized in order to attempt to save his job, you dont beat the mob once they’ve gotten their teeth into you.


A complete arsehole that chap.