Next Republic of Ireland Manager

I think Jim Goodwin might enter the running. I wouldnt be against it.

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Would be absolutely brilliant. His tactical acumen, values, judgement of players. Be great for him as well. FAI prayers answered.

He can fuck off to Hungary or Russia with himself.


Anyone but Robbie Keane.


Ah no bloody way will they give that little bollox the job.

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The technical director of the FAI is an Englishman who probably knows eff all about politics and has been pissing around for the last seven months looking for a manager looking like an idiot.

There’s every danger he’ll think “Who would the fans like? Ooh I know, Ireland’s top goalscorer ever, he’s just won a league title as a manager, how could I go wrong with that? The fans will love that, and they’ll love me for getting him”.

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They couldn’t bring Robbie in after the falling out they had with him over money could they?

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I don’t think so.

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This is the FAI we’re talking about lad


He’s the obvious candidate now

Sadly if the little bollox wants it he probably gets it

Worse still, he might be who we were waiting on

O shea surely is more tolerable than Keane


Waterford and united?

I wonder was it always Robbie’s dream to manage Ireland? :roll_eyes:


It probably doesn’t pay well enough for Robbie anyway.

Willy Sagnol told Daniel McDonnell to go shit in his hat yesterday when asked about the Ireland job.