NFL Fantasy Football 2011

When will the 2011 version be starting up

I know somebody who’ll be interested in taking The Puke’s spot in this years competition. Let me know when you’re setting it up Flano and I’ll sound him out

Me too. I propose that last year’s competitors should have first dibs on getting in again.

But the banter is when forum members take part and interact on the thread. Not when Flano goes and sets aside spots for his geeky mates that contribute fuck all.

No doubt, Bandage. Whatever happened to those boring pricks; shadow, howard webb, woody etc.

Request for inclusion right here.

Howard Webb was an unmitigated disaster. I agree former players should have first dibs. I propose they should have until the end of July to register their interest. I am formally doing so here.

I shall be taking over the Noble Boyo’s franchise for the 2011/2012 competition

Flano will have the final say in all takeovers. Unless The Puke comes back on here and gives his thumbs up to this takeover then I doubt your case will hold much weight

I would like to put my name forward for any vacant spot that may arise. Gman has been giving me some tips since my stellar performance in the NFL Tipping Thread last year.

the useless donkeys will be back to retain the tiltle again.

and Mac, your tips were better when you were drunk, so just go with that again…

Eh… retain? No.
Regain, maybe.

I’m the reigning, defending, undisputed TFK NFL Fantasy champion.
And don’t you forget it boyo.

Stick me down for a spot if one should arise…

I’d like my interest to be formally acknowledged also.

Any chance we can expand to a larger competition structure?

I had been tentatively informed by Flano that my application for a new franchise to replace Puke was close to being approved. I await the final decision of the Commission.


As for having a larger group of teams it leads to a serious dilution of the player pool and makes trades and free agency more so a real bore, if not pointless because all the players will be gone anyway. I wouldn’t be for it really but if there’s enough interest we could have two leagues…

The Noble Boyo’s are under new managment and will be taking their in the 2011/2012 & looking to build on their 3rd place finish last season. The franchise is still very much alive

I’m throwing my name into the hat for this for the new season. I love ice hokey. When does it start? I fully expect to win this in my inaugural season.


This is baseball not hockey Dunph.
I’m happy to keep it at 12 teams.

[quote=“Gman, post: 486273”]
would agree with the return points and reception points. also with a flex position.[/quote]

If we have a big bench[which I liked] we should really have an extra position to make best use of it. Make it a flex [i.e. WR or RB].
I’m sure everyone has had a situation where they had 4 good WRs or 3 good RBs one week.
0.5 PPR and indivisual return points makes RBs and WRs better scorers which makes even more sense with a bigger bench and flex positions.
It will also make free agency better and give more trading options as there will more players scoring well so more worth having.

So Mac is replacing Howard Webb? Should improve the banterismness.
Great to have Tinnion on board too. Surprised to hear he was taking over Ironsides from Turenne.

Do we want the draft to reflect the previous year or do we want users to pick their spot based on the previous year?
Either way here is how it would be with just reversing it based on position:

To be perfectly honest, having 2 picks in the top 13 is not exactly a massive penalty for being defending champion.
I’m not suggesting removing serpentine drafting either. I think people should pick what spot they want. As champion I take what I’m given.
That way too people will have to live by their choice. Do you want the #1 pick or do you want 2 picks in the top 13? Make your choice.

[size=“1”]* Pending an NFL Season actually happening[/size]

Thanks for your opinion pal, but i’m not interested in it. I’ll be joining your little league for the upcoming season, and i’ll be winning it. What’s wrong? Afraid i’ll beat you?