Non-Irish Murders

We often discuss (and solve) Irish murders on here but overseas killings often end up in the Things That Are Wrong thread or somewhere like that.

This Sian O’Callaghan case in the UK just got serious/tragic with two bodies discovered.

She left a nightclub in Swindon and went missing. Police traced her mobile to a forest (when will muderers ever learn?) and were searching there. They arrested a guy today after publically stating they were searching for a green taxi. They still hoped to find her alive they said but now two bodies have been found. Usually two people dead together tends to be the killer and a victim but the fact they arrested someone makes this interesting.

Surprised at this verdict, she was fairly condemned in the media beforehand.

Casey Anthony Not Guilty in Slaying of Daughter

ORLANDO — Casey Anthony, the young mother whose seeming heartlessness and barrage of lies transfixed America for three years, was found not guilty of murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee Marie.

After nearly six weeks of testimony, a panel of seven women and five men decided that Ms. Anthony did not murder Caylee by dosing her with chloroform, suffocating her with duct tape and dumping her in a wooded area, as prosecutors claimed. They also did, however, find her guilty of lesser charges, of providing false information to law enforcement officers. The jury did not ask to review any evidence.

When the verdict was read, Ms Anthony, 25, who faced a possible death sentence, cried.

The verdict vindicates the defense, which argued from the start that Caylee drowned accidentally in the family swimming pool and that the death was concealed by her panicked grandfather, George Anthony, and Ms. Anthony.

It also drove home just how circumstantial the prosecution’s case proved to be. Forensic evidence was tenuous and no witnesses ever tied Ms. Anthony to Caylee’s murder. Investigators found no trace of DNA or solid signs of chloroform or decomposition inside the trunk of Ms. Anthony’s car, where prosecutors said Ms. Anthony stashed Caylee before disposing of her body.

The prosecution was also hurt by the fact that nobody knows exactly how Caylee died; her body was too badly decomposed to pinpoint cause of death.

All of this allowed José Baez, Ms. Anthony’s lawyer, to infuse enough reasonable doubt in jurors’ minds to get Ms. Anthony acquitted of murder.

“They throw enough against the wall and see what sticks,” Mr. Baez told the jury, “right down to the cause of death.”

Caylee, a 2-year-old with cherubic cheeks and bright eyes, was last seen June 16, 2008. Her decomposed body was found six months later in a wooded area near the Anthony home. Despite her daughter’s disappearance, Ms. Anthony failed to report Caylee missing for 31 days and created a tangle of lies, including that a baby sitter kidnapped Caylee, to cover up the absence.

The defense conceded Ms. Anthony’s lies but said they happened for one reason: she had been sexually abused by her father and had been coached to lie her whole life.

“I told you she was a liar the first day,” Mr. Baez told the jury.

Despite a vivid portrait of Ms. Anthony’s seemingly callous and deceitful behavior after Caylee’s disappearance, jurors decided that leap from uncaring mother to murderess proved too much.

Prosecutors argued all along that Ms. Anthony killed her child so she could carouse with her boyfriend, go clubbing and live the “bella vita” — beautiful life — as her tattoo, done after Caylee’s disappearance, proclaimed.

“Whose life was better without Caylee?” Linda Drane Burdick, one of the prosecutors, asked jurors. “That’s the only question you need to answer in considering why Caylee Marie Anthony was left on the side of the road dead.”

With that, Ms. Drane Burdick ended her closing statement with a dramatic flourish, leaving behind a split screen image: one side was a photograph of the tattoo, the other was a smiling Ms. Anthony partying with friends after Caylee’s death.

One prosecutor, Jeff Ashton, called it “absurd” that Mr. Anthony, a former homicide detective, would find Caylee dead in the swimming pool and, rather than call 911, cover up the drowning, wrap dead Caylee’s face with duct tape and dump her body.

“It is a trip down a rabbit hole into a bizarre world where men who love their granddaughters find them drowned and do nothing,” Mr. Ashton said. “Where men who love their granddaughters take an accident, a completely innocent act, and make it look like a murder for no reason.”

With Caylee’s grandparents in the back of the courtroom, prosecutors also spoke forcefully about the pain they felt when they realized their granddaughter was missing and their daughter was the chief suspect. Mr. Anthony grew so despondent after the death he attempted suicide in 2009, leaving behind an eight-page suicide note.

Mr. Anthony, who had testified tearfully during the trial, denied abusing his daughter and finding Caylee floating in the swimming pool.

As for motive, prosecutors said Caylee’s murder was hastened by the fact she was beginning to string together words and would soon be able to reveal her mother’s lies.

Prosecutors also used jail-house recordings of Ms. Anthony and photographs of her reveling with friends to show she was clearly not grieving for a daughter who had supposedly drowned.

Mr. Baez, who began his law career in 2005 and three years later took up Ms. Anthony’s case, did little to bolster his initial defense during the trial, a fact that prompted experts to say he was overpromising to the jury.

He delved lightly into the drowning theory and said nothing more about the sexual abuse after the first day of trial. Judge Belvin Perry Jr., the presiding judge who also heads the Ninth Circuit Court, barred Mr. Baez from mentioning the abuse accusation during closing statements because there was no evidence to support his claim.

Yet he successfully hammered away at the relatively weak forensic evidence. More than 50 investigators recovered nearly 400 pieces of evidence, including trash and trash bags, in the wooded area where Caylee’s body was found. Ms. Anthony’s car also was impounded to test for signs of DNA, decomposition and chloroform.

As the trial wound on, Mr. Baez repeatedly turned Mr. Anthony into the villain for covering up the drowning and allowing Ms. Anthony to take the blame. He also spoke about the family’s dysfunction.

As for Ms. Anthony’s behavior, Mr. Baez derided the prosecution’s efforts to portray her as a “lying, no-good slut.” She was panicked and confused, he said, adding that every person grieves differently.

“This case should not be decided for or against anyone because you feel sorry for anyone or are angry at anyone,” Mr. Baez told the jury.

Not sure if this is the correct thread, but what about that case involving the Wexford girl in Japan. Seems like the two american dancers/rappers took advantage of them while drunk and ended up murdering one of them. She was a real looker too. Very sad.

Also two parents in England have been arrested on suspicions of murdering 6 of their own children in an arson attack.

The Indo has a video of one of them dancing on the subway. He looks a right retard.
The gritty details seem to be a little slow coming out about this case, for some reason. Haven’t heard a thing from the other girl yet.

So far all they’ve been charged with is molesting the other girl in the taxi on the way back to the hotel while she was in a comatose state

What about that mad bastard in England?
He had been on run for a couple of months, today he placed a bogus call about a burglary. When two female cops turned up he shot them both dead and fired a grenade at them. Handed himself into a police station a few hours later.


that’s like something CantonasBoot would do

and wtf is behind the Iraqi guy living in England who was taken out along with his family in the Alps? seriously sinister

we’ve got it covered you dumb cunt

shades of breivik there. amazed he handed himself in and didnt commit suicide by cop, the psychotic one eyed cunt

im calling this…

all over red rover

It was a blue Rover.


Mac, your mate Wayne O Donoghue might be able to help the cops in their inquiry here

Why is that Mickee? Does he live in Wales now?


i dont know, you’re closer to him than most on here as you reported that you have been drinking with him in whitegate a few years back.

he had me out looking around carrigtohill like an idiot for a few days anyway so he might be able to help the cops here in trying to understand if theyshould call time in this or keep going with the search

The newsreaders have struggled badly with the case of the Welsh girl. They cant pronounce the placenames. All except my good friend Huw Edwards of course, he has the advantage of being a Welsh speaker.

What’s the story with this bastard?

They have him in custody but he won’t tell them where the girl is.
I’ve seen them ominously mention seaches of a local river.