Non-Irish Murders

Just saw the video. Fucking crazy.

He doesn’t deserve a quick death. Should be tortured relentlessly for years first the sick cunt.

Anthony Le Tallec was an eye witness to the attack

Eyewitnesses say he called out “In the name of Jesus Christ” prior to the attack and wore a crucifix, as per reporter interviewed on Newstalk there

Amazing the way prosecutors can come out with this sort of stuff in the States before a trial even occurs.

“He killed this poor eight-year-old girl he knew and who trusted him. And then, he acted as if he was a family friend, not only during her burial and the period after that, but for years”

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I’d say his confession probably gave them a bit more firepower

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Reports of a mass shooting at a University in Prague.

Boyfriend charged

Stabbed himself in the back?