Non-Irish Murders

Fuck me.

Yet another example of a man acting out with ferocious violence because he was rejected by a woman.

Almost a sense of entitlement.


He’s clearly tried to top himself.

The brother

Poor Sean boyce went on air. Surely they could have just left it to ads or something

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Breaking news: UK police have found a triple murder suspect in London after a major manhunt


Thats the haircut of a wrong un

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Its like he has it on backwards

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The lad who committed the murders has a skin fade like @Copper_pipe …surely that’s the end of the skin fade…haircut of wrong uns

I’m not sure of the correct language but John has a third daughter so that’s some sort of comfort for him at least.

An absolutely shocking thing to happen to anyone.

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He looks like 2knasti @Copper_pipe

Beautiful words from the great Richard Houlies.

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Horrific just Horrific.