North Korea

Anyone think its time to blow the arse out of North Korea? I do 8)

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Get a few civilian casualties too hopefully :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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i don’t see what the problem is with nkorea developing their weaponry. other countries have nuclear weapons ,why can’t they ?

sorry but i still don’t see why they can’t update their arsenal of weaponry, doesn’t pakistan and india both have nuclear weapons?

I think this debate links into the US debate we had yesterday. It is not good enough to just allow everyone to develope such weapons. Given that the UN is clearly ineffective; we should be infinitely grateful that there is a country like America to stand up to them.

wasn’t it proven that the threat of a nuclear war was enough to end WW2 ? so personally i’d prefer to see more countries with nuclear weapons at their disposal, so that this threat of mass lives being lost is always there, it’d lead to more collaboration in my view.

So Bhoy you wouldn’t mind Iran developing nuclear weapons and wiping the State of Israel off the face of the earth? The countries who currently have nuclear weapons are ones who wouldn’t use them unless attacked first. However there are ones such as Iran and North Korea whose main aim in acquring nuclear weapons is to cause destruction and to threaten others.

Christ the bhoy are you for real? We’ve spent years recovering from the cold war arms race and you are advocating its return on a global scale?

Pagey I think you are blinkered in your support of Israel. If Israel have nuclear weapons then I can see why rival middle Eastern nations feel the need to arm themselves similarly.


[size=“3”]South Korean ship sunk by crack squad of ‘human torpedoes’[/size]

A South Korean warship was destroyed by an elite North Korean suicide squad of ‘human torpedoes’ on the express orders of the regime’s leader, Kim Jong-il, according to military intelligence reports.

The attack on the 1,220-ton Cheonan, which sank on March 26 with the loss of 46 of its 104 crew, was carried out in retaliation for a skirmish between warships of the two nations’ navies in November of last year, South Korea claims.

The South Korean government has refused to comment officially on the reports but Defence Minister Kim Tae Young told a parliamentary session that the military believed that the sinking was a deliberate act by North Korea.


Its an interesting place. Spend a week there about 8 years ago.

were u there as a tourist Mauel? did u get the ride?
ive been to south korea on business but i couldnt imagine anyone going to the north in a business capacity per se.
i was always under the impression north korea’s borders are closed,
the birds in Soeul are mad for the western cock from my experience and i found it to be an amazing city, i would reccomend

I was travelling around China and managed to get a tourist visa in Beijing. Its the only way you can enter it. You’re escorted around everywhere by a tour guide and you’re pretty much confined to Pyongyang. All you see of the place is historical sights which invariably consist of monuments to the Great Leader and the Eternal President.

Some American Soldiers defected from the South to the North some years ago… fucking lunatics, asylum seekers in North Korea, poor bastards

I managed to resist the temptation to defect when I was there. The military displays are very impressive though. Great the way little kids are roaring crying with pride in the Dear Leader as they look on. To see such a sense of belonging that young is quite uplifting.

you can’t hug your children with nuclear arms!

Ask the Japanese, a lot of their people have ben “defected” to North Korea. Manuel, it would be pretty hard for these kids to have a sense of belonging when they’re all starving? Its impressive that you’ve been there.

It’ll be interesting to see what the South does now, from what I can see, the people of the South are baying for retaliation.

The yanks are stirring up trouble in the friendly Korean neighbourhood

The yanks torpedoed that ship I’d say, they have form in this, the Gulf of Tonkin ‘incident’ is not forgotten.

No matter how shit life is in North Korea, could it really be any worse than somewhere like Rathkeale?