North Korea


Oddly enough Cooper went to North Korea with trump’s fellow peacemaker Denis Rodman to do a documentary .


Trump decided today to just surrender to North Korea and abandon the South Koreans and you cunts love it because it annoys young people. You’re all a fucking disgrace.

Believe it or not I loved for a number of years in South Korea doing TEFL, I speak a little Korean and I have always been a hard liner regards the North.


You’re a seriously boring bastard mate. Would you not fuck off to mumsnet or boards or something like that. The outraged, I hate Trump, love trans muslims covered in avocado corner is well and truly covered on tfk. And covered by far more detestable (and therefore slightly more interesting) sorts than you. No one gives a fuck about your gap year TEFL job in Korea.


All just to open a hotel in Pyongyang.


He shut de Niro up today also. It was a very good day for him.


Dry your eyes mate.


A great day for Mr. Trump. Let’s not forget amidst all the statesmanship he exhibited in Singapore with Commander Kim that he made shit of that creepy fucker with the trendy socks the Canadian Taoiseach Trudeau. Mr. Trump said Trudeau would cost the Canadian people a lot of money for saying negative things about him in a press conference, when he thought Mr. Trump wouldn’t be watching it on TV because he was up in the sky on Air Force One.

I’m not on social media anymore because it drove me mad and I was going to get into trouble but I imagine all those snowflake weasels that were shrieking about the immenent end of the world that night Mr. Trump was elected are gone awful quiet tonight.


The South Koreans have been holding talks with the North over the last few weeks! In fact there was a historic meeting and agreement…

Do you think Kim is actually planning an invasion? Maybe see what the South Koreans have to say about todays meeting before speaking on behalf of a country you happened to spend a bit of time in…


At least somebody likes the nordies


an awful lot of halfwits were expecting kim to bring his nukes to Singapore hand them to Donald where Donald would then go to a rural cow house with a few lads in balaclavas and saw them in two in front of fox news cameras.

there are so many utter simpletons on this planet currently.


Including the guy in James Hoban’s house who in the space of one week trashed relations with his country’s closest allies while legitimising the regime of a murdering despot.

But the snowflakes are seething, so it’s all ok.

Yes mate, the world is fucked.


I wonder will that style of suit that Kim wears ever catch on? What would you wear under it?


To be fair Trump was elected on the basis that he was going to ruffle allies feathers . The carry on of said allies over the last decade or so gave us the current wave of populists .


And there was me thinking it was the promise of draining the swamp, rust belt jerbs and a beautiful wall was wot won it.
Although America first covers any oul base I suppose.


They certainly helped and time will tell . If he doesn’t deliver on these he won’t be re-elected . Simples .