Not Quite Lovely But Better than Rough(ish)


Darn tooting.


No surprise to see that you are threatened by a real woman…you’re easily the most sanitized poster on the forum.


Thinly veiled ‘Princess has a bit fat hole’.


Unfortunately she doesn’t, mate… She’s lost a load of weight recently when she didn’t really need to and I’m not too pleased.


you need to be be fairly well equipped to deal with something like that


Secure and confident at the very least.


you need to have the tools. to be physically, mentally and emotionally at the top of your game.


Real women?

nothing a few laps wouldnt sort.


I have absolutely none of those things anyway.


That’s not a fat arse, she’s almost got a six pack for fuck sake. Just a big muscley arse. I’d say she’s kick a conversion over from the opposite end line.


A lady who squats … love hearts…


Can you re-read my post and tell me where I said it was fat?


Against the wind.


She’s like a fuckin Belgian blue,the factory wouldn’t take that


Indeed… it was the other roaster @Bandage who said it was fat.


I’d hope not, she’s a human.

I’d hit that. Or at least die trying.


she is big boned i suppose with a small bit of puppy fat and a big arse that is probably genitical and dont you just know a carbon copy of her mothers.
id love a roll in the hay with her


unreal. you’d need a jcb to dig me out of her, black women have that kind of figure, thats why I love them, voluptuous


She has fierce bad posture sticking her big hoop out to the side like that.


thats what i thought too, she has a black mamas arse on here but she is much more ‘pretty’ than any black mama i have seen or met.
she is certainly sorting out the men from the boys on here thats for sure