Not Quite Lovely But Better than Rough(ish)


most of the homos on here wouldn’t be able for a woman like that as you rightly pointed out, bbw are very loving, I always have a great experience with them, black or white


Apologies, unintentionally replied to you.


mother of gawd!!!

I love if she sat on my face


Has she a dickie hip or what?


@caoimhaoin handles medical diagnosis on here


Me too, I’d let her suffocate me.


You cant bate a good arse on a woman


Tass, she’s English and loves her country. I’d say God made her with you in mind. She won’t drown anyway.



I think the term " hoop " fits her posterior better. :+1:


The correct term to describe her is a BANT*

*Big arse, no tits.




love this pic, very beautiful woman, there is something very nice about her face


As students of Russian Journalism and History will be aware, Iskra is the Russian for spark. She’s lit a few fires here.


@tassotti 's pictures were much more flattering in fairness than the dicky hip ones.


<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/7/79c0296672865db8dc077637cd850b34ad075bbb.png" width=“502” height=“500”


I’d suck the farts out of her arse


Is she anything to Jennifer?


She is probably the best looking woman ever posted on this site.
She should be in the lovely ladies and I’ll admit my mistake.


I was just going to say that to you pal! one of the finest women I have ever seen