Not Quite Lovely But Better than Rough(ish)


and a real woman too, not like some of the blokes posted in the other thread


What mug posted her in the Not Quite Lovely thread?



Iskra is a real woman. Youd need a scaffold plank tied to your arse if you got a go above on her.

What these other chaps are into is not for me kid. You’d break them in two. They are not real.


Boxty would have to calve you back out with the jack.


they wouldn’t even be able to rise it with her, she’s too far above their level


They are brainwashed by modern media and think beauty is defined by magazine editors. They don’t have the confidence to think outside that criteria and therefore wouldn’t have the confidence to tackle something like Iskra. They are weak people.
You’d pity them as a bbw is an experience all men should have.




A mate of mine lives in South America. He says women actually pay good money for implants to make their hoops look like hers. Unrale.


Lads can hide behind careers, fancy jargon, fancy foods, exotic locations etc. etc but the real roaster test comes out when faced with a confident woman. The roasters want a submissive slip of a thing they can bring home to the mammy and relatives… Oh she’s a lovely girl…they will say, and the insecure roaster breathes easy and goes back to faking life. A real man will look for a confident, sensual woman.

That lady posted here today has gone and unearthed the forum’s true roasters, lads so riddled with insecurity they could replace the national grid and light up the country for a year with their anxiety levels. What a master stroke by that cunt @HBV. There’s nothing like watching grown men squirm with the realisation of their own inadequacy when faced by a full figured confident lady…


you’re a sham buddy. Here you are saying this is the ideal woman, yet you have moved to Cork, fucking Cork!, to be with a woman you admit has an arse no where near the size of yer wan there. You fucking roaster with your slip of a thing you brought home to mammy


…fit their mini sausages into.


i’d say a lot of lads on here are not well equipped in any case, thats a lot of it, luckily enough I have a fair weapon on me, good and thick


Jesus, I’ve really hit a nerve here, Wexford lad slagging off Cork! And Princess may have lost weight but that doesn’t mean she still hasn’t a full figure, pal…I’d rather more meat on the ass but I’m confident it will return… You on the other hand have no doubt been landed with a meek, limp wristed twig…sorry for your troubles, pal…


Like a can of coke?


no nerve struck at all pal, you’ll see I havent said a thing. You, however, have said plenty!


So to recap, I moved to Cork?


Exactly! organise the TFK jamboree down there this year with yourself Kev and downyourthroat out at the Dyke.


When you are dosing a woman like that from behind you are at nothing without a decent piece of equipment all right.
A lot of these lads who were quick out of the traps to distance themselves from curvy woman have exposed themselves badly here. Subconsciously you are attracted to a woman that you know would suit you physically.


All Wexford lads too… The last great roaster haven, after Donegal and Tipp, left in Ireland.