November Rugby Internationals (aka Kev - "Should BOD be dropped?")


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Or an intervention

Or to be put into intervention **




Was it not lessened because of his good behaviour at the hearing?

Which in itself is hilarious.


I’ve reported this post, its constant, silly and bullying behaviour against a poster for his sexual preferences. @rocko please apply an infraction.




Jesus just looked out the window. Nothing but snowflakes. Turning into a blizzard. Halt maybe tis a photo shop. Must tell the wife and kids. Oops here comes @TreatyStones must dash





What is the meaning of this, Mike?


Soccer ‘World’ Cups are boringly predictable homogeneous events, all twenty of which have been won by the same handful of the richest Western European countries and the Europhile Mercosur countries. There hasn’t even been an African or Oceania representative in the semi final of any of the twenty soccer World Cups and just South Korea from Asia made a semi final as hosts in 2002.

Contrast that with a rugby or a cricket World Cup which are truly global culturally diverse events with heavweight contenders from all corners of the world.


A trolling too far, you feel.


Australia leading England 16-13 at half time.


Missed first 10 of 2bd half and its all gone pete tong.

England the cunts are good.


Eddie Jones is one of the greatest rugby football coaches in the world right now


They are. The aussie are wrecked though


Why would they be wrecked? They haven’t played in a week




Cunts will win the six nations


If Ford had gone to Brown there, May would have got in


Ben Youngs is the New Chris Ashton. A cunts cunt