Nuclear power

With France reeling from their loss of a nuclear (submarine) deal with the Australians now might be the time to get a good deal with Macron for 2 or 3 nuclear power plants.


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I would be a big supporter of using nuclear power in ireland. It is a carbon neutral solution and has massive benefits. The new generation plants are very safe, important compared to the risks. But there is no way in hell would one be approved to be built here. Its difficult enough to get a combined heat and power refuse incinerator built.

I’m of a generation that sent Tony Blair postcards about Sellafield, conned by the greens no less.

It won’t happen


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Would you trust Paddy to run a Nuclear plant?


E Voting says Maybe?


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Apologies to the greens. It was bono the cunt. Charged me €2 of my sweet money too. The cunt

Nuclear power is the future of our species. Once we properly harness it we will conquer the galaxy.


no, pay the French - very successful at it, they have almost 60 operating reactors in France.

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Ah yeah… All our big jobs are worked by foreign folk anyway so it’s all good… As long as we can add it to our GDP everyone will be happy.

Our electricity grid is connected to England and Europe now. It’s all the one.

Nobody cares until they turn off our lights.


So long as our peat generators are still functional when war breaks out we’ll be alright.

We didn’t get 15 years out of these failed investments

We just need to mothball them. We have the peat and the sleans.

We have our own interconnector with France across the celtic sea which will be operational in 2026

A good thread to start in renewable times. Nuclear is the ultimate renewable. Ask any engineer/ science nerd about the amount of energy produced versus the energy input to produce it. Solar is the worst in this regard, wind is better but nuclear is king. However it will take a long ,long time to convince governments and society in the developed world to reverse the current trend, namely, the rejection of nuclear power. Yes the 3 ‘known’ accidents at 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima have contributed most to the opposition (not to mention Sellafield) but if zero carbon is to be achieved in developed countries, in any timeframe, you really have to start debating the nuclear option.