Off the Ball on Newstalk


He was on the other night anyway


Irish Times opinion piece: I am so outraged with Newstalk that i am refusing to appear on their station and appeal to anyone with a conscience to stay out of its airspace.
Newstalk: We currently have no work for Irish Times employees.
Irish Times Employees: screeeeech


Paul Howard aka Ross O’Carroll Kelly says he was refused entry to Marconi house for an interview about his book with spin today. :grinning:


Seems legit.


It’s a true story. He’s tweeted from his proper account about it as well.


You just don’t fuck with the D to the O to the B, muthafuckas.


ROCK has gone on a bit long now .


The books are still decent light reading in fairness, but it is a little jaded alright.


Ah ya and the columns on. IT not too bad . That said it is still a meal ticket for PH so good luck to him .


He’s knocked some mileage out of it.


Interesting to see Howard having a cut off Walsh regarding Humphries in the same vein as Ewan. The three men who were at the forefront of the Seashell Myth hunting post Barcelona. Howard was in the audience clapping vociferously the night Kimmage and Walsh had their interview post publishing of 7 Deadly Sins and even got a shout out from the stage from Walsh at one point. The very same book Walsh praised TH in. Not sure Howard knew that at the time. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

How times change.


Did you senior that audit this year?


Don’t ever pick the Olympic Games as a specialist subject in a sports quiz :sunglasses:.


Kitty Holland ffs :joy:


I’m glad I got one bite, was getting worried there.


What did Fintan O’Toole do to irk Dinny O’Brien to such an extent that all Irish times employees are now barred from newstalk? I’ve missed all this.


Essentially he wrote an article saying the whole place was institutionally sexist and that he wouldn’t be appearing on the station again. Now presumably the place was institutionally sexist before Hook’s comments, but to say he was jumping on a bandwagon would be unfair I’m sure.


Tonights rendition is a must listen




Ricey was priceless last night.