Off the Ball on Newstalk


Nice aside also… where Kieran Shannon, Joe and Kimmage discussed the Connolly and Gavin relationship. Reckons Connolly doesn’t toe the line (dressed differently in pre match warm up) , Jim wanted to win the AI without him but ultimately he needed him when the O’Gara move failed.


They’re right abut that one.He was mad to prove he could win without Connolly but his brain fart starting O Gara fucked him over.


Kimmage mixed some good points with some absolute guff in that rant.

Gavin has rightly become a figure of fun because of his taciturn demeanour, parody-like interviews and outward lack of joy at winning. Criticism of how he has turned the Dublin team into faceless drones in terms of media relations is entirely merited, as is pointing out the hypocrisy of his high moral ground stance of a few years ago about “winning the right way” when Dublin engaged in extreme cynicism towards the end of the 2013 and 2017 finals, and serious foul play in 2017.

But Kimmage read too much into the press conference and claiming that Gavin was disrespecting Mayo and Stephen Rochford is wishful thinking for controversy’s sake.

I really liked Kieran Cunningham’s anecdote about the only time he met Jim Gavin outside of work, in the Boar’s Head the night before the 2014 All-Ireland final.

Cunningham was talking to 1992 Donegal player Noel Hegarty and they saw Gavin was there on his own so started talking to him and had a few pints together. Later “a very well known former Kerry player who would have been familiar with Hegarty from marking him” came over to talk with them, but apparently didn’t notice that Gavin was present.

The former Kerry player said to them how Kerry wouldn’t be as naive in dealing with Donegal as Dublin had been, that Dublin “were idiots and fucking brain dead, like an under-12 team”. The he notices Jim Gavin beside him and immediately apologises, that he didn’t see Gavin beside him and “didn’t mean it at all”.

I can think of two “very well known former Kerry players who would have known Noel Hegarty from marking him”, and I’ve imagined the anecdote with both fulfilling the role, and found it very funny either way.


I don’t think some basic manners while dealing with the media is too much too ask. Displaying some grace and empathy in victory would be nice too.



NT have issued a fatwah against IT journos. I presume this means no more Gerry Thornley on Wednesday Night Rugby.


No more Gavin Cumiskey either.
Surely they can’t have rugby analysis with a scribe who doesn’t write for the paper of record


According to the Phoenix,IT journalists are seething with the likes of O’Toole as it was a handy nixer for the sports journalists


I’m sure it was. I’d say it was a handy couple of hundred euro a week for Thornley. Doubt if he is on that much from the IT that he can go without that.


Today FM also, this is a fantastic move as its rids the airwaves of hugh linihen, fintan o’toole, conor pope and una mullaly


I understand those contributions to 20-30 minute segments on Off The Ball etc are only worth €30-€40 a pop. Think I mentioned before that Gilesy still requests to be paid by cheque as he doesn’t trust the old electronic banking.


I believe David Brady gets 70 euro for his interjections. I’d assume a seasoned pro like GT from the IT would get a multiple of that.


“It is a matter for Communicorp to decide who participates in its programmes. Equally, The Irish Times reserves the right to publish a wide range of opinion without fear or favour. We will continue to do so.”

So the Irish times reserves its right to publish a range of opinion. Yet attacked Newstalk for the same. That’s the @glasagusban crowd for you.


As if journalists weren’t scared enough of O’Brien already.


bet you they wont get the irony


Who are the liberals and free speech advocates ?




This is a really dumb line of argument.

The IT and Dinny’s mob are well entitled to publish what they like. But it doesn’t mean the other side don’t have the right to criticise what they publish. That’s all part of the media.

Dinny is circling the wagons now and flexing his muscles. I hope Kitty Holland destroys him.


Can both sides lose ?


One side is a radio station, the other side is a newspaper. I doubt either have long left.