Officail Dublin Vs Meath LSFC semi final thread 27 June

really looking foward to this,
whats the story with tickets?
i presume there will be a full house in croker that day

Thanks Michael, remiss of me not to start this yet. Yes, it should go near a full house that day but it won’t be be too difficult to pick up tickets. Ticketbastard will have them for the unwashed and the immigrants like yourself.

Both sets of management will be trying anything to get that extra edge. In 1991, on the weekend before the final game of that famous four match saga, Sean Boylan brought his players to Scotland for what by all accounts was a riotous weekend of drunken histrionics by the shores of Loch Lomond which reinforced the unbreakable bond amongst those players. It gave Meath that 1% extra edge which eventually got them over the line.

Sources close to me that both the Dublin and Meath panels are breaking off from their training this Friday and Saturday to engage in team bonding sessions, and they couldn’t have picked a better weekend for it, what with the World Cup starting. There will be sore heads and sore legs all round on Sunday morning as the players dust themselves off for their high profile training spins at Croke Park, but the frivolity of the weekend will be forgotten on Monday as the real work begins.

The respect between the two sets of supporters is unmatched amongst any others in Ireland. You really have to be from Dublin or Meath to understand so there’s no point in me explaining.

Meath supporters are vile dirty animals, an odious cocktail of Dublin knackerism mixed with ignorant, culchie red neckness.

+1. The only thing worse than them is the flourbag cunts, but they seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth since around 8.30 on Saturday evening.

Nevermind about Meath Runt, they’ll be in the backdoor by 4PM on Sunday. You heard it here first. Laois by 2 or more.



I’m pretty sure it was the likes of Keith Barr bottling it that got Meath over the line. Soft windy cunt.

Nice threat title btw, dumbass. :smiley:

GAA’s greatest rivalry. Lads, I could try and explain the mutual respect, but you wouldn’t understand. It’s a Dublin-Meath thing.

Even though it’s a big culchie thing to hate the Dubs, I have always found Meath people to be much worse. Horrible obnoxious cunts. Not as bad as Tipp people but along the same lines.

I concur.

we should have poll on the most hated GAA fans in Ireland

I think you are a horrible obnoxious cunt


wast wrong with the threat title?


You have to like a crowd that kick points like the Meath lads

is it true that Laois are bringing Sue Ramsbottom out of retirement and throwing her in at center foward against Meath on Sunday afternoon?

Craig Rogers will be starting at 11 on Sunday Mike.

I’m not sure they allow women to play Inter County Football. The last player to have tits playing was Colm Corkery I believe.

You have clarified your own concerns about women and intercounty football all in the one post there mate :lol: you said it !!
im glad to see RTE have decided NOT to screen Meath’s warmup game against Laois live on national TV.
Instead Cork and Kerry will be sceened live on TV and online,
If you are seriously interested in Meath’s preperations i suppose you can pay the 30 quid and head along to croker or else just wait around till 9-30 and wait till the duclet tones of Colm O rourke on the Sunday game

You are a truly irksome poster. Since when is Craig a girls name? Poor effort at wind up here.

Roll on Sunday. Leinster Championship football is where its at.

your some boring cunt of a man.
that is all.

good luck on sunday to laois, if the handicap is three or more ill be on laois, they have a serious chance i believe