Official 2011 All Ireland Hurling Championship Thread

Time to set up this thread. Kicking off in earnest this weekend with the big Leinster Hurling Championship clash between Laois and Antrim in O Moore Park.

In other news, Martin Comerford has announced his retirement from Intercounty hurling. He did some service for Kilkenny but was running on empty last year in fairness. Some paw on him to be fair to him and got some big scored for Kilkenny when they needed them.

Did I read somewhere that the Laois manager was ranting about the GAA fixing championship matches during third level exam season? Is he a mentalist or what?

I think lads going off on one over something so trivial is covering up for inadequacies elsewhere.

The answer to the question is yes by the way. I did read it.

Yes and yes. Willie himself said it was no big deal. Fennelly hasn’t been a success so far in Laois, its no surprise to see him clutching for straws to be honest.

It’s a pity Laois haven’t built on the progress that Rigney was making at one point. Laois improving would copper faster Leinster’s status as the premier hurling province. Although it’s currently well ahead of the shambolic Munster set up apart from the hang sangwich brigade.

Any new call ups to the Wexford skwad, Appendage?

No idea Bandage. I see we were beaten by Offaly on Sunday in Oulart. Bit disappointing to lose to a Division 2 outfit.

Galway bought back James Skehill and Keryll Wade to the panel. Wade will be very interesting if fulfilling his underage promise. Gerlock fooked him around when he was in charge so it’s good to see him back. Tannion will miss the Leinster Chship after breaking his hand at the weekend.
Following have been axed from the panel John Grealish, David hayes, Niall Cahalan, Joseph Cooney and Brian Murphy. Niall Cahalan looks hard done by but the rest simply not up to it.

Never heard of any of them.

Niall Cahalane was full back for Cork in the 1990 Football Final

Not surprised mate, their hurlers

One of you buckos is telling lies.

The air around Galway is tinted with confusion and chaos Laz…

Niall Healy and Keith Kilkenny have left the panel. James Regan from St Thomas has been brought into the panel. I heard that Alan Kerins trained with the panel yesterday morning??? (at 6am)

I’ll hold all my fire till the season is over as McIntyre & Co deserves this year to prove themselves. He is getting a year more than Noel Lane ever did. However, after what I witnessed in Pearse stadium against Tipp I am no way confident of getting too far this year.

Our best performance under this management was below in Tullamore against KK in 2008 when the KK machine was running like clockwork. Thats 3 years ago. Thanks to SO.

Holding my fire here. <_<

Niall Healy got enough chances at it id say.

Didn’t Galway run the AI champions to a point last year. They will hardly be too far off come August. Canning will surely be in better condition this year too

Rigney left Laois in fine fettle last year and its a crying shame to see the likes of Zane Keenan, Tommy Fitz, Mick McEvoy amongst others leave the panel since then. The loss of Cahir Healy has been hard felt also as has John O Loughlin. Rigney put pride into the thing and while I had heard great things about Fennelly, the players seem baffled by the man and to a man are frustrated as hell with his set up. I’ll keep my powder dry for now as like most I go in hope on Saturday, but all signs point to a first ever win for Antrim in the Leinster Cship.

Its a shame because I’d liked to have seen a full strength Laois side have a chance have a crack off a top tier side like Wexford.

Rocko, you not doing a predictions comp for this?

Its not even 2 years since Kilkenny beat Galway in Tullamore KP.

The pirty about the Hurling championship is we can’t get too excited unless a nobody like Dublin or Limerick win a big game, then the summer will take off. Until that happens I fear it’ll be shadow boxing once again until the 2 quarter finals.

For the record it will be a Tipp/Galway AIF.

School boy error.

2009 it was.

Martin Comerford has retired now. I wonder is all well in the Evil Empire.

Fuck off with yourself.

i think kilkenny will lose the leinster final and then be beaten by tipp in the semi after trouncing someonelargely useless in the quarters with maybe galway playing waterford in the other semi.

dublin are the fly in the ointment in that prediction of course as they could win leinster themsleves

Tipp-Galway final, Galway to win