Official All Ireland Minor and U20 Hurling & Football Thread (Part 2)

Bourke anyway. Not sure after that

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Skehill is a loudmouth and an idiot. He’s a Tory politician in all but name.


It’s amazing the boost Irish gets from a few darkie immigrants in the neighborhood.

He will probably play a part, King and Bourke the other two on team and two on subs bench, Must win game v Kerry so no choice,

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Bourke And King also. Spain and Shirley subs.

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Skehill was bawling like an ass for the whole match. Mostly at the ref but a fair bit at the players too. Came across as a thick buff. The Dublin subs were giving him plenty of gyp in the last few minutes.


Man I’d like to have witnessed that.

I don’t know what match people were watching here but KK went missing for huge spells of that game, self suspended their best player and proceeded to miss about 2-10 yet were the second best team in the game.

Offaly will probably beat Dublin but whoever wins that will be well beating in the all Ireland final.

Feel free to bookmark this.

We definitely rode our luck at times @endakenny . I though last year the gap was huge between the Leinster and Munster u20 and expected to get well bet by Cork in the final but i am not sure if it is as big this year.

I wouldnt write off the Dubs. But in saying that i would prefer to see Offaly winning it and winning the all ireland. Offaly needs it and Leinster hurling needs Offaly.


Woods back in, hadn’t featured since the first round. Maxted out of the 24 - assume he is injured. Assume Woods plays full back.

Cork have rejigged I see - bookies have this as a coin flip. Which I think is generous to Clare given how dominant Cork were at minor three years ago - if Clare are still in it with 10 to go they will win it but this is a fairly athletic Cork side who will put up a score if they get a run on us.

Id agree. Cork are very good odds based on what theyre capable of. What are they to win AI from here?


Tipp 6/4 fsvs

Where would Killian Doyle have been playing?


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Would bet heavy on a Clare win, if they have anyway decent odds.

Ridiculous score by Will Buckley, messy enough game, lot of bodies in the middle eight

If Whelan comes into it we won’t fear being too far down late on

Cork have hit three or four excellent scores while we have hit a ball of wides. Cork seem to have the upper hand physically

That was a superb flick by Hegarty - timed it perfectly. We are competing well, think a few marginal calls have gone against us that we probably need against a strong cork side. Stritch not up to the pace of it