Official Euro 2012 thread

Ourselves, Croatia, Czechs all sealed the deal tonight. Portugal and Bosnia still to fight it our for the last spot.

How does the seeding work for this lads? When is the group stage draw happening

Should be epic

We’re there and we’re there to win it!

Draw on Fri 2nd December.

Pot 1 will be Poland, Ukraine, Spain and Holland

Germans don’t get into pot one??? No wonder they’re breaking up the euro.

This is going to be a shit hot European championships. Spain, Holland, Germany and if Totti is to be believed Italy will be very strong. I think Russia are a very decent side too, others like France and England have a lot to do to be competitive.

Confirmed teams

Czech Republic
Bosnia or Portugal

A quick google search has found some anorak has done up the uefa co-efficient ranking and what that means for our seeding

Those in green are likely but not confirmed

Pot 1: Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Netherlands
Pot 2: Germany, Italy, England, Russia/Croatia
Pot 3: Greece, Sweden, Russia/Croatia, Portugal
Pot 4: Ireland, Czech, Denmark, France

Permutations: if Croatia beat Turkey at home they are in pot 2.
Denmark 99% certain really of pot 4
Portugal in pot 3 if they qualify.
If Portugal dont qualify, France are bumped up and Bosnia join us in pot 4.

Dream draw - Poland, Croatia, Greece, Ireland

No chance draw - Spain, Germany, Russia, Ireland

Will settle for - Ukraine, England, Sweden, Ireland

Choice of location - Warsaw, Wroclaw v Kharkiv, Lviv v Gdansk, Poznan, v Donetsk, Kiev

Hottest women - Spain, Italy, Sweden, Czech Republic

Ah cant wait for this. We will be long outsiders to get out of the group but sure we will enjoy it anyway

It’s actually a relief that the whole Celtic tiger, Roy Keane we can’t settle for second place bullshit is a thing of the past and we can actually just go and enjoy it now. Please god we get England for the craic factor and a right good chance of beating the cunts.

We could get lucky with the draw, there are some bad seeded teams ahead of us in the pecking order. From pot one we obviously don’t want Spain whilst in pot two we don’t want Germany or Italy. If we could avoid those three teams and maybe throwing Holland into the equation too we would be laughing…

How could England be a shorter price than Italy to win it out? :lol:

aside from maybe the home teams there are no bad teams in the tournament. Saw Denmark demolish Portugal recently and Greece comfortably take care of Croatia. Denmark and Greece are a good bit ahead of us at the moment. We will be long outsiders to qualify for the knockouts no matter what way the draws pans out but you never know I suppose. There is nearly always one bottom seed that goes on a great run. Why not us. Id love to see us go over there and give it a real go playing positive football. If we play 442 against the majority of those sides, there will be Russia like mismatches unfortunately.

Euro 2012 really promises to be an epic tournament. Cant wait for it. Just hope John Delaney is struck down by a bad dose of gastro problems and is forced to watch the tournament from home.

Complete and utter madness Dunph, that’s what it is.

Its because English people really take in alot of the press bull and actually bet whole sale on them, every time. Its outrageous, i like the ordinary english person, but talk to them about soccer and you’ll fall off your chair. They are extremely delusional.

Looks like we’re the weakest team but I don’t care, we’re on our way. Mon Ireland!

Current rates of exchange :

€1 = 4.3859 Polish Zloty

€1 = 11.0163 Ukrainian Hryvna

Ignoring the seeings for a minute…

From the Guardian… If Ireland are drawn in a group with with Greece, Portugal and Italy, will it be the group of debt?

I’d take England before anyone in Pot 2.
Derby game as underdog is perfect in this situation.

A smashing example of this on Soccer Saturday just now actually. A generally interesting discussion on international football and playing culture involving Iain Dowie, David Phillips and John Salako. The first two are fairly good pundits and not from the Jamie Redknapp school of Sky punditry but Salako was delusional. They got to talking about this evening’s Spain v England game and Salako came out with some incredible stuff. He was saying the only difference between Spain and England is that England aren’t given the freedom to play in the manner Spain do but England have as much talent as them. He name checked Stewart Downing, Adam Johnson and Joe Cole as being as good as anything Spain have.

Ah he must have said that for a bet for fuck sake.

Only one from pot 3 we defo don’t want is Russia.

Pot 2 Croatia please. England would be good too.

Poland, Croatia, Greece, Ireland.

Can we confirm what the pot seedings will be if we know them at this stage. Might be an idea to get the ball rolling on draw predictions. The Runt need not apply…