Official Mosconi Cup thread

That was a sensational game of doubles. Tomorrow will be epic.

What a Competition

Crowd here behaving terribly, some chatter away throughout shots.

Yanks retain the Mosconi Cup, 11-8

11 days to go guys, it’s not Christmas time until this starts! :heart_eyes:


Here we go!! Sky sports mix day one begins now.

Europe made a right mess of that opening game.

This has been an absolute rout so far and we will be lucky to get through tomorrow nights full set of games let alone Fridays!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Begins tomorrow with team Europe red hot favs

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Day 2
Europe lead 6-5 going in tonight’s session so far.

Singles on now

Crowd is full of mouthy cunts again.

When did Michael McMullan start commentating with Sky?

Disgraceful scenes here.

Crowd control non existent

One week to go Viva Las Vegas! :santa: